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DALLAS – Texas Baptists named Ira Antoine director of bivocational pastor ministry. Full Story »

the main thing

Jim Collins is known for a couple of different books, Good to Great, and Built to Last. However, there is another short little read he has called “How the Mighty Fall.” This particular volume talks about the rise and fall of really huge companies. Full Story »

boomer conference 2013

ALLEN – The largest cohort of Americans also happens to be the one that’s living longer than all those who came before it. Full Story »

i have arrived

Have I mentioned before that I really love to travel? I thrive on new experiences, opportunities, restaurants, scenery, people and places. I have often found, however, that the first time I go someplace can be a little frustrating, perhaps even intimidating, until I get my bearings in a new environment. Full Story »

Calvary BC literacy program

Meet a church in the Rio Grande Valley where God is at work and bringing smiles to participants through the Ministry Evangelism efforts of the church. Calvary Baptist Church in McAllen, Texas recently completed a Community Transformation Workshop where they were challenge to rethink their Community Outreach and Evangelism strategy for their Jerusalem. Full Story »

Marriage in 3D-web size

If you want to give a gift to married people in your community, what do you do? Whether they are confessing Christians or not, you know that they need engaging, biblical instruction in key areas of married life such as communication, conflict resolution, finances, intimacy and spiritual life. You know that they want an escape from over-scheduled, stressful lives filled with managing their marriage but careers, children, relatives and financial shortfalls. What gift will best match their needs and wants? Full Story »


Ken Camp, managing editor of the Baptist Standard, has written a story from message delivered by Texas Baptist Pastor Michael Evans at the 2012 Christian Life Conference. Ken writes the following: Full Story »