tx bap adopt engage 24 banner final

DALLAS – During their Feb. 25 meeting, the Baptist General Convention of Texas Executive Board voted to adopt Engage24, challenging every Texas Baptist to share the gospel with at least one person on Oct. 14, 2014. Full Story »

Mission Drippin 2

Mission Drippin’ is a week-long community outreach ministry of First Baptist Church of Dripping Springs. Read about the practical ways that their church implemented this ministry, so you can similarly create a model like this in your church. Click here to read the background, mission and vision of Mission Drippin’. Full Story »

Drippin' Springs

Six years ago, First Baptist Church of Dripping Springs burned to the ground at the hands of an arsonist. Many people at that time left the church. There were about 50 people left to determine the next step. The small group hired a great interim pastor that helped the church through a healing process. Full Story »

Crawford Sign Blog

There are three things you might notice when driving into Crawford, Texas. Perhaps you’ll notice the billboard featuring George and Laura Bush, our most famous property owners. Perhaps you’ll notice the welcome sign from First Baptist Church, or perhaps you’ll notice the city limit sign, which reads, “Pop. 717.”

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city with nativity

With only 12 days left until Christmas, the world is buzzing with preparations. So many of us are busy decorating, shopping, baking, throwing holiday parties and participating in Christmas programs, not to mention continuing on with our normal activities! Life is busy during the holidays, and if we’re not careful and intentional, we will miss a God moment given to us to connect with others around us and be a blessing to them. Full Story »

12-05 Andrea Chambers

As a young girl, I always dreamed of marrying “Prince Charming” and having the perfect little family. As time went on, I did marry the man of my dreams. But the “perfect little family” never came.

A few years passed, we tried fertility treatments that did not work, and then we began to see a fertility specialist. Not too long after seeing the specialist, I was told I had thyroid cancer. To me, it seemed like devastating news. Full Story »

love school

Are you ready to seize the day and be a blessing to the students, teachers, staff and families connected to your local school? I know that I am and I hope that you are too!

Before we wrap up the school emphasis, I wanted to leave you with a few practical ways you and your church can be a bright, encouraging, hope-giving light bearing the love of Christ to those connected to schools.  My sister, who’s an elementary school teacher, shared much of her ideas and expertise here. May it be helpful to you in your journey to minister to those connected to schools. Full Story »