Before the Civil War, the average cost of a slave was about the equivalent of $40,000 in today’s currency. Today, a person can be purchased for about $90. And the number of slaves in our world today is much higher than it was at the height of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade years ago. Something must be done to change this dark reality.

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Though their ministry is not specifically to women caught in trafficking, Brett and Emily Mills, founders of Jesus Said Love, have come across trafficking rings as they have been about caring for exotic dancers and strippers and sharing the love of Christ with them. Their belief is that Jesus loves all people, yes, even strippers and that the church should be reaching out to them out of love. Below is a story originally published in Oct. 2012 that shares about what God is doing through the faithful obedience to love the women He has placed in their lives.

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The other day before I left for work, I plugged my ipod into the car speakers and hit the road. I began driving down Highway 75 in Dallas with a worship playlist playing in the background.

Mile after mile, my thoughts drifted to human trafficking. At that point, I had been researching human trafficking for Opening Doors for about three weeks. My heart was burdened by what I had learned about trafficking and my head was filled with the thoughts about the oppression, greed and lack of value for a human life that fuels human trafficking. Full Story »

Young Children Dressing Up As Professions

Have you stopped lately to notice the Shepherds around you? This month, we’ve been taking a look at the doctors, nurses, firefighters, police and other law enforcement officers who care for our communities. A few have shared their stories with us to help us better understand life for them. But now let’s get a little advice from the Shepherds or those who work with the Shepherds on ways to practically let them know we appreciate them and that Christ loves them. Full Story »


Back in 2009, Mike Middlebrooks was watching the evening news and heard a story about a Dallas police officer, who was shot and killed that day while serving a warrant. Mike’s heart broke and he began to wonder who cared for the police officers, who was the pastor for those who cared for others and who laid their life on the line daily. Full Story »

heart to care

On Thanksgiving week this year, God gave me both a blessing and a reminder. The blessing – God gave my wife and I something for which to be really thankful: our fourth child. Little number 4 was healthy and beautiful, and my wife and I were so happy to welcome him into the family. He was born on the Tuesday of that week, which meant we would spend the holiday in the hospital for recovery. The reminder – it was that there are a lot of people who have to work day or night, weekend or not, holiday or not to keep life going for the rest of us. Full Story »

Working and Worshipping

How precious are the holidays! Christmas especially is the day that we learn to cherish as children. At first we think about Santa Claus coming to bring us lots of presents, but as we mature, we learn that Christmas is the most honored day of the year since it is the birthday of Christ. We know that our Savior was born to a virgin and grew to give His life on a cross so that we could all spend eternity with God. Full Story »