Moore, Oklahoma is a town we will not soon forget. The nation looked on in stunned silence at the devastation from the violent tornadoes that visited this community. Too many realized too late that a truly safe place was all that stood between life and death. Full Story »


Change, whether good or bad, is difficult. The Kennedy clan has just moved from the shores of Alabama to the mountains of Colorado. Are our new vistas awesome? Yes! Has the move been exciting? Yes! Am I grieving? You bet! Full Story »


Fear came roaring in. I could have let the fear overwhelm me, control me, inhabit me, become my constant companion. Full Story »


I remember as a little girl when my father was contemplating assuming the role of music leader in a neighboring community church. I was too young to know all of the discussions that took place, but one I do remember was when my parents talked to me about this possibility which would mean we had to attend another church. I probably didn’t respond the way they had hoped.  I remember having a pouty expression and saying “No, I don’t want to go.  All my friends are here.”  Full Story »


The spouse of a minister has such a unique and often times difficult role to play. On one hand, you may want to be friendly and warm with the congregants, but on the other hand their actions and words can make that difficult. Expectations from congregants can be quite lofty, not to mention unattainable. You also may perceive expectations from your spouse regarding the role you are to play in ministry and at times feel like you just can’t meet those either. Pressure can come from all sides including your “real” job.  Full Story »