1) How did your church first get started working with your local schools? Full Story »


In the wake of two teen suicides and 20 student drug overdoses in the 2010-2011 school year, Hip Hop Hope Missions, an outreach program of Eyes On Me Inc, responded to a call from a local missionary, pastor and High School assistant principle and reached into a community to serve the students of Royal High School. Full Story »


Mounds of glue sticks, construction paper, pencils, and backpacks line store shelves, signaling the fast approaching start of a new school year. Full Story »

Church serving schools

In Acts 1:8 Jesus gives an undeniable and inescapable mandate for all believers to be on mission in their city, their state and country, and all over the world.  Full Story »

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Are you ready to seize the day and be a blessing to the students, teachers, staff and families connected to your local school? I know that I am and I hope that you are too!

Before we wrap up the school emphasis, I wanted to leave you with a few practical ways you and your church can be a bright, encouraging, hope-giving light bearing the love of Christ to those connected to schools.  My sister, who’s an elementary school teacher, shared much of her ideas and expertise here. May it be helpful to you in your journey to minister to those connected to schools. Full Story »

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South Dallas is an area known for broken families, high student drop out rates, gang violence and difficult living. On the surface, it seems to be an area locked in the cycles of poverty. But look a little closer, and you’ll see shiny spots of hope spreading throughout the area.

This hope is coming through Champions of Hope, an organization pairing elementary school-aged students with Christ following mentors who are eager to invest in their lives. Full Story »


When the Village Church expanded and added a new campus in Dallas Northway area, the members saw that Cary Middle School was right across the street. It seemed natural to approach the middle school leadership and offer to serve there. The Village already had been involved in schools through efforts at the main campus in Flower Mound so reaching out to schools was already at the heart of the church. Full Story »