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This month, I feel like we have not even begun to touch on the exciting ways that God is moving within the arts community.

Because I was not able to cover as many blogs as I wanted, I wanted to leave you with a few opportunities to learn more on your own about the intersection of art and faith. Full Story »


When Terrell O’Brien was just a young boy growing up on a farm in the Texas Panhandle, art became a major part of his life. He loved to sketch the scenes that unfolded before his eyes each day on his family farm, but little did he know then that his talent and love of art would allow him to share the gospel with a people states away years later. Full Story »

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This advent season, I’m reading through the advent devotional published by Janet Denison at the Center for Informed Faith. One of the first entries that she shared in early December touched my heart and stated so clearly why we should be reaching out to the store staff and others who serve us each day as we go about our lives. See what she has to say. I know you will be blessed by her words!

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Terry Sanders, pastor of Residing Hope house church in Garland, and Lindsay Cofield, director of Texas Baptists’ multi-housing and organic church ministries, join podcast hosts Kaitlin Warrington and Liz Encinia for a conversation about living and ministering intentionally as Christ followers. Hear life examples, Scriptural messages and encouraging words from Terry and Lindsay as they share the how God has moved in amazing ways as they have shared the gospel intentionally with the people they have encountered in their daily activities.

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So many times I wonder what eyes we are seeing through as we go about our day. Are we seeing with selfish eyes, just busy with our schedule, our desires, our needs? Or are we seeing with indifferent eyes, noticing that there are people who are struggling and hurting but not really caring about it? Or do we see with God’s eyes, noticing needs and acting through His strength and power to make that situation better? Full Story »

Texas Tech International Ministry Balloon Fiesta Trip

Many people will say that it takes a village to raise a child. But it also takes a village of Christ followers living out their faith and intentionally loving international students for them to begin opening their heart to the gospel.

That’s what happened with Lynn. Full Story »

Natalie Price and her Indian roommates

By Natalie Price

It wasn’t always easy to start conversations with international people. Rewind the clock to the summer of 2008. I was going to be a senior at UT Dallas (high international student population), and I was still relatively terrified of talking with people who did not claim English as their first language.

God has a funny way of helping us overcome our fears. I received word from the school about two weeks before I was supposed to move into my new apartment that my roommate and I would be sharing our apartment with two girls from India. Actually, I didn’t even know they were from India at the time, only that I could not pronounce their names.

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