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GEORGETOWN – Sharing of God’s faithfulness in the midst of many trials, Steve McCord stated, “We are not compelled but surrendered to Him who loved us with an everlasting love.” Full Story »

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CENICERA, Honduras – The kids here in Honduras have stolen my heart! Last night we attended a worship service at a house church in Cenicera, just a few miles from Gracias. When we arrived, I recognized several of the kids from the day before when we were at their house interviewing their parents. Full Story »

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CATULACA, Honduras – Felipe is paralyzed from the waist down after a tragic accident about five years ago. He has undergone eight surgeries and was forced to sell most of his land to pay for the medical procedures. He was the primary breadwinner for his family of six and now many times they wonder how they will eat. The family raises pigs for income and has many chickens roaming around the yard to provide sustenance. Full Story »

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GRACIAS, Honduras – Today, we saw the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering in action, with three men carrying nearly 60 pounds of food on their backs, across a shaky wooden footbridge to a family in need. Full Story »

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DALLAS – During their Feb. 25 meeting, the Baptist General Convention of Texas Executive Board voted to adopt Engage24, challenging every Texas Baptist to share the gospel with at least one person on Oct. 14, 2014. Full Story »

Looking for the Lost

Life was lonely and filled with pressure to look like other girls around me. I didn’t feel like I was good or pretty enough, and I was depressed, thinking I never was going to find a good group of friends or anyone who really like me for me. I put on masks and layers to look and act like others around me, hoping it would make life less painful, hoping it would remove the deep fear I felt of being alone and unwanted. Full Story »

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Have you ever stopped to think about the realms God has placed you in and the connections He has given you? It’s no coincidence that God gave you the gifts, talents, abilities, passions, hobbies and relationships with family, friends and coworkers that you have. You are connected to those things for a reason. Full Story »