Prayer is like 911 to heaven.  In my daily walk with the Lord, I’m finding just how vital prayer is. As a wife of an oilfield worker, I’ve come to realize how effective prayer and fasting are.  Without God’s help there is no way to live an effective, fulfilled life. Full Story »


We had a great week, in spite of a setback – the church we invited to work with us had to cancel. Our youth and adults rallied together to get the work done. God answered our prayer by having the youth from FBC Charlotte come to work with us in the park for one day. That was a huge boost. Full Story »

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COTULLA – For First Baptist Church members, sharing the gospel with the world begins with reaching a unique group of newcomers they feel God has placed in their community. Full Story »

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It was my mother who was faithful to take me to church as a child. At the age of nine,  I accepted Christ as my Savior, but I didn’t feel any different. I simply experienced joy from my mother and acceptance by a few church friends. Sadly it would be a tough 20 years before I would understand the nature of that decision. Full Story »


Oil. It runs deep in our state. It powers our cars, plays a huge role in the creation of many of our day-to-day gadgets and necessities. And again it’s booming in places like the Permian Basin and in the South Texas Eagle Ford Shale. Full Story »


The quiet peaceful town of Cuero, like many small towns in South Texas, has been interrupted by the buzz of busy streets. Long lines of loud trucks regularly crowd the streets. The change in the streets reflects one of challenges coming to the communities affected by the shale oil boom. There are many other challenges that are connected with the sudden influx of new people swelling the populations of these towns. RV parks and Man Camps abound, housing the many workers and placing heavy demands on community infrastructures. Yet, another challenge presents itself to those of us who are interested in sharing Christ with people: How do we share Christ with the oil field workers?

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In Mark 16:15, the Lord said, “Go into all the world and preach the good news of all creation.” With the huge oil and gas reserves found in the Eagle Ford Shale area of South Texas, it appears the world is coming to our doorstep. Full Story »