College: Saturate

Rev. Michael Mitchell, Sr.
Neon Green

We will focus on equipping students to share their faith out of a growing relationship with Christ.

12th Grade: Fusion

Rev. Ebony Hall

This curriculum emphasizes how to love God with all our hearts, minds, and souls. We will also touch on the importance of submitting our time, energy, money, and bodies to Christ. We will learn how to be Biblical stewards.

11th Grade: iGro

Rev. Kevin Jackson

This teaching is a version of our popular Back to the Basics, targeted especially for the high school and college settings. We will give our students a foundation for godly principles in the basic disciplines of their faith.

10th Grade: Totally Consumed

Rev. Damon Wheaton

Totally Consumed highlights worship as a daily lifestyle in students' lives. They will learn many fresh insights into this phenomenon that is sweeping their generation.

9th Grade: Back to the Basics

Rev. Richard Brown

This study is designed to give junior high school students a foundation for godly principles in basic disciplines of their faith.

8th Grade: Connections

Rev. Damon Greer

During the teenage years, relationships are vital but often volatile. Building and navigating connections with their world can be a constant challenge. This curriculum focuses on a student's four major relational areas: friends, family, opposite sex, and God.

7th Grade: Purity

Rev. Rudy Kubreau
Highlighter Yellow

This teaching helps students understand the value of a life of purity, the consequences of moral impurity, accepting God's love and forgiveness, and developing a deeper walk with Him. We will help young people recognize and accept responsibility for building healthy relationships in their homes. At a time when the breakdown of the family is a growing concern, this material provides real answers to the tough questions regarding home life.

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