Breaking the chains of darkness, revisited

This summer, I have reverently been praying for divine appointments in South Asia. Honestly, my heart hurts deeply for this place. My biggest prayer is for His truth to be shared and embraced in the darkest corners of South Asia.

Last week, we were prayer walking around a Hindu temple in the city. These temples are incredibly dark places. Imagine yourself walking into a temple where people are convulsing and chanting to the daily animal sacrifices.

Darkness is heavy on your chest as you walk barefoot on the "holy", blood, and dirt stained floor. Hundreds of people are shoving you to make their daily sacrifices to their idols as they desperately try to mark themselves with "holy" water.

Darkness is prevalent. It is overwhelming. Honestly, it is devastating at times.

But, the Father allowed His glory and message to be revealed inside this particular temple. We were prayer walking and a temple priest offered to give us a tour of the temple. We were very intrigued. We had never been given a tour of any temple in South Asia before.

During the tour, the priest took us to a private section of the temple. This section had a pool of "holy" water secluded only for the priests. He explained we could not wash in the water but we could give sacrifices to the massive statue of Shiva.

In that very moment, the Father REIGNED DOWN. We were able to share with the priest INSIDE the temple the ENTIRE Gospel message. I was blown away by the opportunity! He was very intrigued. He said he had heard of Christmas, however, he had never heard the Gospel story. The Holy Spirit was working in his heart by compelling him to ask more questions.

Although he did not accept the message that day, the Father is WORKING on his heart. I have never been so confident in the work of the Holy Spirit. I believe the Father will continue to compel him to search into the Father's heart and message.

Pray for chains of darkness to be broken. Pray for him to submit to the freedom that is only found in Jesus Christ.

This summer, I have been overblown by the Father's constant display of His love and Gospel in such radical and tangible ways - even in the midst of the darkest of places!

By Rebecca, student at UT Austin. She is serving in South Asia this summer through Go Now Missions. Read Rebecca's first post here:

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