Vancouver: A summer of sowing seeds ends

Here in Vancouver, we've been hanging out with some university students every Thursday this summer to play Ultimate Frisbee. They've let us join in supporting their team, even though not all of us play. They've let us come along to dinner with them after games. And now I can finally say that they let us share the gospel.

On a recent Thursday, I talked with three of the girls over dinner about what I believe and how Christianity differs from other religions. I shared with them the gospel and planted seeds of news they hadn't heard before. We're making the most of these relationships in our final days here by spending time with them. Hopefully there will be more conversations to come.

Patricia runs the Steveston Community Centre. We've grown to know her by volunteering throughout the summer. After a picnic brunch with her family, we all had the pleasure of sharing Christ with her. Sitting around talking, she began to ask us lots of questions about what we believe as Christians and especially about our relationship with Jesus. It was a great chance for all of us to clearly explain what the gospel is, after using this summer to build a relationship with her.


We've spent our last Sunday of the summer with the youth group here in Canada. Please pray that our discussions and fellowship will have made an impact on these kids. Pray they will make decisions about what they believe and that some leaders will rise up to take ownership to continue developing the youth group after we are gone. Two girls, Grace and Joyce, seem to have warmed up to me after all these weeks. I hope I can leave some impression on them for Christ.

The Canadian way of life is to be tolerant of any belief that comes one's way. Right or wrong, realistic or absurd, truth or not, Canadians don't care. It's easy to not commit to believing in anything. It's easy to be lukewarm. People are friendly on a surface level, but it takes work to get to know people in a real, deeper way.

Final day

During our final days in Vancouver, we're continuing our ministry to our friends who work at coffee shops, getting lunch and having more conversations. As one of my teammates phrased it, it's been a summer of sowing. While we might not see all the fruit of our labor, we keep sowing seeds for the gospel, which we hope will later be reaped.

Kasey Chinn, a student at the University of Texas at Dallas, has been serving with Go Now Missions in Vancouver, Canada.

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