Into the wood

BROWNWOOD - Today was a recovery ride for most of the cyclists, with a shorter distance of 59 miles from San Saba to Brownwood. While it may have been less miles, it still proved to be challenging for the riders. Some got dropped in the midst of continuous hills, but all in all, everyone enjoyed another great day of riding and raising awareness and funds to end the cycle of hunger with a great group of people.


We had a few riders join us for the day, including Rodney McGlothlin, pastor of First Baptist Church Brownwood, and his wife, Debbie. Tonight, FBC Brownwood hosted us for dinner along with their congregation and several children from their mission church at Sunset Terrace. The children ride on a church van every Wednesday night to FBC for a meal and to learn about God through Mission Friends, GA, and RA programs.

After the meal, the children and adults were able to hear from real missionaries in their state - our riders with Bike Out Hunger. Rand Jenkins, Tim Randolph, and Ferrell Foster all shared about why they are riding this week - to help meet the needs of hungry people across Texas and around the world. The children asked questions about how the bike worked, how fast they could ride, and why the bike seat was so small. But they also asked about why they were riding this week and how much money was raised.


When talking with the preschoolers, Rand asked how many like to ride their bikes. He then said, "maybe one day when you grow up you can go on this ride." It was a beautiful picture to think about these small children growing up to take part in this great effort one day - to carry on the legacy of reaching out to others and helping those in need.

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