It all starts with your congregation

After all, your church was started in local fellowship to follow Christ’s teachings, to share His message, to do His work. As a result, it has God’s blessing – and more than enough challenges. That’s where we come in, to share your purpose and help meet those challenges.

With help, it can grow in scope and in strength

As your state convention, we offer your church an even wider fellowship, along with other things that a larger group of like-minded believers can provide: organized missions, specialized ministries, training, resources, and opportunities to partner with other churches and groups and to serve in many different ways, both close to home and “to the ends of the earth.”

Join us in doing God’s work

It’s said that many hands make light work. In this case, they can also bring light to the world. So read through this list to see what Texas Baptists can bring to your church – and how we can all work together to help bring about God’s kingdom. Learn more about any topic at Or to ask questions and get more involved now, call 888.244.9400.