Micah:6-8 Conference


Remember the Prisoner: Creating Effective Prison Ministries
Rickie Bradshaw, Church Consultant, Union Baptist Association

This workshop will equip attendees to train volunteers and utilize discipleship models for prison ministries in order to encourage life transformation both behind bars and beyond.

Community Partnerships for the Common Good
Marilyn Lee, Executive Director, Loving Houston
Bryant Lee, Pastor, Higher Expectations Church
Elmo Johnson, Pastor, Rose of Sharon Baptist Church
Moderated by Tamiko Jones, Executive Director, WMU Texas

Whether a church has 5,000 members or 25, every congregation has an opportunity to be a catalyst for positive change in its community. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of ways that a church can positively impact its community regardless of the number of attendees or financial budget.

Understanding Poverty
Dr. Gaynor Yancey, Professor, Diana Garland School of Social Work, Baylor University

From acts of mercy, such as giving a cup of cold water to a thirsty sojourner to teaching throngs of followers who longed to hear as much as they could about a new kind of love, Jesus gave the example of what we, as his followers, were to do when we came into this deep transformational relationship with God through agape love. This workshop will focus on concepts that influence us about how we serve others.

Shelter: Creating Effective Ministries for Our Homeless Neighbors
Parris Patrick, Pastor, Agape Community Baptist Church

While the number of homeless persons has declined in Texas over the last few years, the church still challenges in caring for our neighbors who lack stable housing. Ministries need a strategy to reach our homeless neighbors. Every context is different, but the goal is the same, to show others to love of Jesus.This workshop is designed to help churches develop approaches for ministry to the homeless.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name: Doing Community Ministry in Small-town Texas
Dr. Eric Black, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Covington

There are unique challenges to doing community ministry in rural, small town Texas this workshop is designed to give attendees ideas and practical tools for engaging in ministry in their unique context.

Preaching Ethics in a Culture of Chaos
Delvin Atchison, Director, Great Commission Team, Texas Baptists

This workshop will deal with the important role of preaching as the church addresses ethical issues in today’s society. Preaching on ethics is part of the biblical testimony and of Christian history. This session will offer practical suggestions on how preachers and pastors may prophetically speak and model the Christian ethic. Clarity will be given on how the church can use Micah 6:8 to challenge unChristian cultural assumptions.

Renewing Your Mind: Fighting Pornography in the Church
Leigh Kohler, President, Freedom Church Alliance

In 2007, Nielsen/NetRatings found that about 13 million American women click on pornographic sites each month. According to a recent study from Proven Men Ministries, about 64 percent of men in the United States view pornography at least monthly. Facing such staggering numbers, how should the church respond? This workshop will provide attendees with tools to combat porn in the pews.

After Obergefell: Addressing Same Sex Relationships with Truth & Grace
Steve Wells, Pastor, South Main Baptist Church

This workshop will help participants grapple with the challenge to churches that is presented by the growing cultural acceptance of same-sex relationships. It will help people understand what the Bible says on issues related to this subject and the importance of faithfully representing Christ as we relate to those who may disagree.

Same Kind of Different As Me: A Multi-ethnic Vision for the Body of Christ
Anyra Cano-Valencia, Youth Pastor, Iglesia Bautista Victorio en Cristo
Ikki Soma, Pastor, City of Refuge Presbyterian Church
Scott Venable, Pastor, Northwood Church
Faitth Brooks, Social Media Coordinator, Be the Bridge to Racial Unity
Moderated by Nigel Robinson, Marketing Consultant, Texas Baptists

Ferguson. Dallas. Charlottesville. Racial issues continue to be in the news and continue to divide Americans, exposing divisions within the church. Rather than ignoring the news, this workshop will help leaders actively engage in racial reconciliation in their communities and churches. Attendees will learn how they can advocate for racial unity in their churches and begin to model God’s heart for unity in their local context.

Gender Identity: Beyond Bathrooms
Katie Swafford, Director of Counseling, Texas Baptists

Learn from a licensed professional counselor about gender identity. This workshop will cover the basic terminology and knowledge of gender identity to help the participant increase his or her understanding of gender identity as a whole.  Specific consideration will be given to the transgender aspect of gender identity through discussion of three cultural lenses by which to view the topic, current research, and suggestions for developing compassionate relationships.

Climate Change and the Christian Witness
Dr.Micah Green, Professor, Texas A&M University

This workshop will cover the sometimes thorny topic of climate change. Participants will discuss the problem of climate change, how to show that unusual climate change is already happening, how this is connected with greenhouse gas emissions, how Christians can respond to this issue in a way that promotes the gospel and shows love to others.

Seeking Shalom in the City: Gentrification and Urban Missions
Bryant Lee,Pastor, Higher Expectations Church
Blake Thomas, Bridge Builders Coordinator, Forge for Families

This workshop will cover ways to bring the shalom of God in the midst of racial tensions and the redevelopment of urban communities. Attendees will learn what it means to seek the welfare of the city in view of the gospel in a way that serves a diversifying community and honors longtime residents.

Loving Your Muslim Neighbor
Sally Hinzie, Church Consultant, Union Baptist Association

This workshop is designed to lead you to a deeper understanding of the values, perspectives, and worldview of your Muslim neighbors. You can better understand the differences and what may create barriers and bridges in your conversations about your faith.

Living Ethically in a Culture of Chaos
Ferrell Foster, Director of Ethics and Justice, Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission

Living in today's cultural environment of rapid change presents special challenges for Christians. This workshop will give some practical anchor points for living a Christ-honoring life. It is designed specifically for younger adults and those new to Christian faith or for those communicating with this segment of the Christian community.

Addiction and the Church: How Can Your Church Respond to Opioid Crisis?
Dr. Dennis Sansom, Professor, Samford University

This session will analyze the physical, social, and spiritual dimensions of the opioid crisis (and addiction in general) and discuss ways for a congregation to respond to it.  Participants will learn 1) the path of addiction, 2) the perverse-demonic causes of addiction, 3) medical ways to respond, and 4) the necessity of the spiritual disciplines of prayer and fasting.  

Caring for All God’s Children: How Churches and Christians Can Support Public Education
Dr. Ruth Turley, Professor, Rice University

This workshop will focus on the shared importance of public schools and churches in community life. Participants will learn how churches can partner with public schools and engage in education reform efforts in low income communities.

Recovering Rahab: Ending the Sexual Exploitation of Women through Public Policy
Jamey Carruthers, Senior Staff Attorney, Children at Risk

Children at Risk will present a workshop on addressing sexual exploitation and demand through public policy. This workshop will feature an introduction to the concept of demand reduction and a look at cutting edge demand-reduction tactics being employed in the Greater Houston Area and across the state. Additionally, attendees will get a summary of the relevant laws that went into effect in September 2017, a preview of Children at Risk’s 2019 legislative agenda, and information on how to have your voice heard at the federal, state and local levels.

Break Every Chain: How the Church Can Support Criminal Justice Reform (Panel Discussion)
Tiana Sanford, Prosecutor, Montgomery County
Shakira Pumphrey, Director, Just Liberty
Doug Smith, Policy Analyst, Texas Criminal Justice Coalition
Moderated by Dr. Carol Pickens, Social Justice Advocate, Brentwood Baptist Church

This workshop will examine whether Christians have a role to play in the national conversation about criminal justice reform. Participants will learn about innovative community prosecution models, barriers to effective rehabilitation of ex-offenders, and promising reform initiatives at local, state, and federal levels.

The Stranger Among Us: A Christian Approach to Immigration Policy
Jenny Yang, Vice President of Advocacy, World Relief

While we are having a national conversation about immigrants and immigration, it is important for Christians to understand what the Bible says and how it might apply. This workshop will examine the biblical principles around caring for immigrants and how we can apply to our lives today.

Our First Freedom: Key Issues in Religious Liberty
John Litzler, Legal Consultant, Texas Baptists

Attendees will learn a brief history of the Baptist contribution to the First Amendment protection of religious freedom. This workshop will discuss the state of religious liberty in America today and will cover every Supreme Court decision on religious liberty since 2014. This will include a factual overview and prediction of the ruling in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case currently before the Supreme Court.

Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies: How Advocacy Can Help End Abortion (Panel Discussion)
Carol Shattuck, President, Collaboration for Children
Mary Whitehurst, Center Director, Austin LifeCare
Dr. Fred Smith, Professor, Houston Graduate School of Theology
Moderated by Dr. Ben Raimer, Senior Vice President for Health Policy & Legislative Affairs, UTMB, Galveston

To be pro-life is to believe and promote the human dignity of both babies and moms.  This workshop is designed to help attendees see how access to healthcare, affordable child care and a support system make a big difference in helping mothers choose life.

En Espanol

Movilizando a tu Iglesia para la Defensa Cristiana
Anyra Cano Valencia, Youth Pastor, Iglesia Bautista Victorio en Cristo

Este taller se enfocará en como cada congregación puede mostrar cuidado e interés de Cristo por los perdidos, al mismo tiempo que abogan por el bien común. Cada participante tendrá la oportunidad de aprender del modelo pionero para la defensa cristiana, y al mismo tiempo recibirá consejos prácticos y estrategias de cómo ser parte del apoyo en cuanto a su contexto local.

Fe y Educación
Girien Salazar, Deputy Director of Faith and Education Coalition, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

Este taller se enfocará en compartir la importancia de la educación que asegura el futuro de nuestros niños. Cada participante aprenderá como las iglesias pueden trabajar junto con las familias para promover la educación y abogar por los esfuerzos de la reforma educativa.

Incorporando la Ética y la Justicia desde el Púlpito
Dr. Rolando Aguirre, President, Hispanic Baptist Convention of Texas

Este taller tratará con la importancia de la predicación a medida que la iglesia aborda los temas éticos en la sociedad actual. El predicar acerca de la ética es parte del testimonio bíblico y de la historia cristiana. Esta sesión ofrecerá sugerencias practicas acerca de cómo los predicadores y pastores pueden hablar y modelar proféticamente la ética cristiana. Se hablará claramente en como la iglesia podrá usar Miqueas 6:8 para desafiar la suposición cultural no-cristiana.  


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