By Ferrell Foster

We are excited to welcome Katie Frugé to the Christian Life Commission staff. Dr. Frugé is the new Hunger and Care Ministries Specialist, taking the role previously held by Ali Corona.

She brings to this role both theological depth and a heart for helping those in need. She will help our churches to better exemplify the love of neighbor that Jesus said is at the core of godly living.

In her new role, Dr. Frugé will be an integral part of the CLC team that administers the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering, which seeks to break the cycle of poverty and hunger. It promotes holistic transformation in the name of Jesus. The Hunger Offering is built on a tradition of integrity and transparency, with administrative costs are covered by the Texas Baptist Cooperative Program so all Hunger Offering gifts can go directly to ministry.

Dr. Frugé will also lead the CLC's Community Care efforts, which support churches' varied community development, justice, health, and human trafficking ministries.

Texas Baptists are blessed to now have Dr. Frugé serving on their state staff. Katie's academic preparation gives her a great depth of theological understanding, which is the underpinning of all that our churches are seeking to do in addressing the spiritual and physical needs of the people in their communities and around the world. And her personal experience and community involvement have nurtured in her a depth of passion and compassion for those who in need. 

She received her bachelor's degree from Union University and her master's and doctoral degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Her Ph.D. focused on the image of God, which she believes is foundational for a holistic understanding of advocacy and human dignity and worth.

Dr. Frugé also has experience in advocacy, working on behalf of special needs children in Fort Worth ISD. She has lived in Fort Worth for 12 years, was part of the Inaugural Fort Worth Special Education Parent Teacher Association. She is excited to take her passion for advocacy and human dignity and apply it to the CLC.

"The CLC gets to be where the conviction meets the ground," Dr. Frugé told Texas Baptists Communications. "Participating in the hunger offering is our chance to be the hands and feet of God."

Ali Corona left the CLC staff earlier this year to pursue her license as a clinical social worker. She served Texas Baptists four years.