God's call to the chaplain ministry is multi-faceted in that all who are called serve all socio-economic groups, ages, races and cultures. The "Hands on Ministry" curriculum is written in such a way as to show who, what, where, when, why and how of chaplaincy; and to provide the how of insightful spiritual help to any and all people.

The Hands on Ministry (HOM) training is an introduction to ministry which exposes the volunteer chaplain to ministry experiences in a variety of settings. The training includes a HOM manual used in conjunction with 12 hours of classroom training provided by a BGCT endorsed HOM trainer. Cost for the HOM training is $125 which includes the manual and classroom training. In addition, credits can be earned towards an Online Certificate Program (OCP) at Truett Seminary in Waco, Texas. Contact David Tate at Truett Seminary at (254) 710-6351 or David_Tate@baylor.edu for more information regarding the OCP.

In a first meeting with potential volunteer chaplains in a classroom setting, some may lack understanding as to how they will use the HOM training; but all feel that they are being led by God to participate. Obviously, some of this uncertainty comes from a limited knowledge of all that chaplains do. Some are amazed when they learn how much of life’s experiences in which chaplains are involved. 

Following completion of the training, most participants are warmly welcomed into their church and community where they are quickly plugged into serving in various venues. Some of those areas, but certainly not all, include: ministries for senior adults and senior adult daycare centers; crises management; hospice providers; funeral homes; law enforcement agencies and fire departments; hospital, mental health, public health and addiction rehab facilities and programs; jails and prisons; Head Start, Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity; public and private schools; homeless shelters and food banks; and social service agencies. The HOM Volunteer Chaplaincy Ministry serves anywhere people are in spiritual need, whether people are inside or outside the mainstream of society.

HOM training is an extensive introduction into practical chaplain ministry. It provides awareness of skills needed to perform specialized ministry in a variety of settings. For those who sense a call to vocational chaplain ministry, much more training is needed. Each organization has its own requirements to be hired as a chaplain. It is best to contact the organization directly and inquire about their requirements for employment as a chaplain. Depending upon the individual’s level of interest, educational requirements will vary. Some examples of requirements would be: Licensing and/or Ordination, Master of Divinity from an accredited college or seminary; 4 units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE); Board Certification for Chaplains; and denominational endorsement. From this list, it is important to realize that vocational chaplains have many more requirements than volunteer chaplains. If a person senses this call to pursue vocational chaplaincy, then do not be discouraged by the requirements. If God has called a person to vocational chaplaincy, he will also provide the way to complete the requirements of the organization.

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Training Opportunities

HOM training will be promoted by individual HOM trainers. HOM trainers will set their own schedules and sites. If a HOM training date and location are already known, then participants can register at the link below to pay for the HOM training. If not known, click here for latest HOM training information.  

Pay for Hands On Ministry Training

The HOM Workbook Curriculum Topics include:

  • What Are We Doing Here?

  • Who is a Chaplain?
  • Healthy Self-Helping Others
  • Establishing Authentic Relationships
  • Learning to Listen (Part A and B)
  • Using the Incident Verbatim
  • Families at Risk for the Helper
  • Abuse and Addictions for the Helper
  • Red Flags in the Helping Process
  • Pastoral Resources for the Helper (Part A and B)
  • Issues of Aging in the Marketplace
  • Don’t Sit on the Bed

  • Stages of Grief

  • Ministering With Terminally Ill Persons
  • Ministering With Families Touched By Death
  • Sharing Christ in Contexts of Ministry
  • Chain of Command
  • When the Chaplain Is a Peer

  • Chaplain, Could You Represent Us?
  • Helping the Staff When Crisis Comes (Part A and B)
  • Roots, Nourishment, and Empowering For Your Life and Service
  • Please understand me! DISC Personality Inventory
  • Understand and Developing Relationships and Resources

Those who have completed the HOM training have a tremendous resource to which they can refer when a refresher on training is desired or needed. For additional information on HOM training to be taught at your church or to find where training will be conducted, contact: 

Jim Brown, Associate Endorser
Texas Baptists Chaplaincy Relations
7557 Rambler Road, Suite 1100
Dallas, TX 75231-2388
(214) 828-5279