Minister Ethics

The vocation of ministry presents unique challenges to ethical living. Others often have higher ethical expectations of their ministers than of themselves. And God has high expectations, as well. Ministers and congregations can join together in creating an environment that promotes godly living.

Ministerial Ethics: A Covenant of Trust is a Christian Life Commission publication for both ministers and congregations. This resource was authored by the Clergy Ethics Committee, a group of ministers and ethicists formed as the result of a BGCT motion requesting convention action regarding critical ethical issues which impact both churches and clergy.

Ministerial ethics can best be understood and engaged as a living covenant between ministers and congregations, in which each covenanting party has promises to keep and responsibilities to fulfill. It cannot be stressed enough that just as ministerial ethics is not only for ministers, but truly involves the whole Body of Christ. We believe Ministerial Ethics: A Covenant of Trust should be read and engaged by church staff and members alike.

Consider using this resource in study groups, in Wednesday evening meetings, in church leadership conferences, in deacons retreats, church staff retreats and in other venues so God’s people, collectively and individually, will more faithfully reflect God’s image in Christ.

Annual Meeting Motion

This document represents a response to the following motion made at the 2002 annual meeting of the BGCT in Waco by Joe Trull, messenger, First Baptist Church, Driftwood:

“I move that the President of the Convention, the Chair of the Executive Board, the Chair of the Administrative Committee and the Chair of the Christian Life Commission appoint a committee, coordinated by the Christian Life Commission, representative of Texas Baptists (including male and female, minister and laity, and ethnic and age diversity) of 9-15 persons to study and develop for consideration by the 2004 Convention a “Code of Ethics for Baptist Ministers.”


Ferrell Foster
Director, Ethics & Justice, Christian Life Commission

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