God's word guides us away from the exploitation of others as a foundation of our community. Legalization of gambling harms the citizens of the state. The Christian Life Commission works in collaboration with Texans Against Gambling and the Campaign for Common Sense and Sound Public Policy to limit the spread of legalized gambling.

Legislative Priorities

  • Oppose legislation for the introduction and expansion of predatory gambling enterprises including casinos, “racinos,” Internet gambling, daily fantasy sports, slot machine-like devices, sweepstakes machines, and instant racing machines in order to generate state revenue.
  • Support legislation to enhance regulation, prosecution, and penalties for illegal game rooms that operate eight-liners, sweepstakes machines, or other illegal gambling activities.
  • Support legislation to abolish the Texas Lottery Commission by using data to demonstrate the predatory nature of the lottery.
  • Support legislation to restrict state agencies' rule-making authority to introduce electronic versions of instant scratch lottery tickets, instant pull-tab bingo tickets, sweepstakes, and pari-mutuel wagering