In accordance with God’s original design (Genesis 1:26-31) we believe healthy, flourishing families are the cornerstone of strong churches and communities.  Access to quality educational is essential component of helping families thrive.  We support legislative efforts meant to increase educational opportunity for all Texas children, closing gaps created by racial and economic disparities.

Legislative Priorities

  • Support increased state funding for high quality, full-day pre-kindergarten for all Texas children, but especially for at-risk and low-income families.
  • Support efforts to strengthen public education to ensure all Texas school children have access to quality public schools. This includes efforts to close the achievement gap, increase state funding for public schools, and the expansion of dropout prevention and recovery programs.
  • Oppose efforts to reduce state investment in public education. This includes any attempt to divert funds from neighborhood schools to private schools.
  • Oppose efforts to repeal the Texas DREAM Act.