Who are my elected officials?

Click here to find your legislators' contact information.

Meet with State Officials

The Austin Office of the Christian Life Commission can arrange for legislative visits and opportunities to provide testimony to State and Federal officials. Please contact the CLC Austin Office for more information.

Once you have a meeting with a legislator what do you do? Click below for several advocacy tips to prepare you for a meeting with your state official or staff. Please contact the CLC Austin office at (512) 473-2288 if you have any other questions.

Advocacy Tips

Write State Officials

Believe it or not, so few people write their legislators that as few as five letters from constituents can influence a legislator's vote on an issue. We encourage you to write both your state and federal officials.

  • Sample Letters - It is often helpful to read example letters to state officials. Please feel free to use the examples below as a guide in writing your own letter.
  • Quick Response Postcards, E-mail Messages and Fax Letters - CLC creates brief talking points, postcard messages, draft email messages and sample fax letters to various issues that can help you congregation communicate to lawmakers quickly and efficiently on issues. Please contact the CLC Austin Office for these materials on particular policy topics.

Writing Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor are great ways to communicate with your community…and your legislator reads the hometown paper(s) too. Writing a letter to the editor is a great public policy advocacy tool. Click here to learn how to write a great letter to the editor.

Legislative Handbooks

The CLC Austin Office provides legislative handbooks containing roster information for both elected officials and staff in the Texas Legislature, Governor's office and Texas' U.S. Congressional delegation.