Abide is an unscheduled prayer experience for college students, high school seniors and adults who work with college students. Abide is designed to be a time of retreat. There is a opening session on Friday night and a closing session Saturday afternoon. Everything in between is up to you. There will be various "Abide Encounters" to help you pray and connect with God. Sit by the water. Spend some time next to the bonfire. Sleep. Listen to the quiet. Pray for your campus and the world. Enjoy the cool weather. Take a walk by yourself. Have coffee with a friend.

2018 Stations

These are the 2018 Abide Stations & Breakouts to give you an idea of the content. They are created and implemented by students serving on the BSM State Lead Team. They will meet in early January to plan Abide. We will update this page as soon as we have 2019's stations and breakouts (usually the 2nd week of January).

  1. Main Worship Sessions / Worship Times. Group worship times Friday evening opening session, Saturday morning fireside, and Saturday afternoon closing session to worship through song and Scripture. Created by: Jennifer Goon, Bradley Johnson, Travis Clark, Jeanette Lahoud, Cecilie Jurecka, Jason Nhan, Payton Crawley, Adryanna Coy, Grace Holik, & Bruce McGowan.
  2. Abiding Through Fellowship. Coffee, hot chocolate, snacks, and conversation. 
  3. Striving For Stillness. Through a series of self-reflective, interactive stations, you’ll be lead through real-life situations focusing on the transition from striving to stillness. Created by: Bethanie Allen, Adam Carillon, Andrew Berg, Bethany Wilson, Jarek Campbell, Natalie Stephenson, Shelby Copeland, Tyler Martinez, & Nathan Mahand.
  4. Are You Bearing God’s Fruit? Allows you an opportunity to abide in God and determine what needs to be pruned from your life. Created by: Stephen Lim, Zachary D. Moore, Bradley Davis, Brice Caughron, Carlos D. Gonzalez, Taylor Johnson, Jordan Sylvester, Reneshia Gilder, Kelli Knepp, & Mark Warrington.
  5. Branches To Burn. In light of John 15:6 we are calling you to surrender whatever is keeping them from abiding fully in the Lord by prayerfully writing out something on a popsicle stick to burn in the fire. Created by: Cutter Paris, Conner Steadman, Jeremiah Odale, Heidi Saenz, Patrick Schaab, Phebe Foster, Jessie White, Alex Norton, Ally Jordan, & Joel Bratcher.
  6. Pray it For The Campus Vine. Add a campus prayer request to our prayer vine, listen to and write campus testimonies, and pray away your worries in our sandbox. Created by: Shay Pitman, Mariya Aleksich, Franky Lizardo, Jessica Vasquez, Bola Owoh, Annet Del Toro, Nick Nornett, & Jeff Kennon.
  7. Fruitful In My Community. Pray for different areas of your community beyond your campus. Created by: Micah Villarreal, Elijah Jackson, Caitie Norcross, Cauner McDonald, Casie Robinson, Amy Prentice, Jordan Massey, Adeline Capps, & Any Dennis.
  8. The Nations Are Among Us. There are a lot of different ways the nations are all around us. Come learn about several different ways to prayerfully impact the nations. Created by: Melody Davis, Samantha Funderburgh, Lizette Garcia, Garrett Tittle, Luke Blackmon, Cole Harrison, Pat O’Brien, Dakota Henry, & Beth Smith.
  9. Prayer For The Hurting. Spend time praying for the broken and hurting through stations for the hungry, persecuted, refugee, human trafficking, natural disasters, abused, and personal hurts. Created by: Faith Northern, Sarah Smith, Sixto Pina, Natalie Womble, Austin Raymond, Daniel Navarro, Alejandra De La Cerda, & Lee Floyd.
  10. Asking What You Wish. Learn to ask God that your desires will mirror His. Created by: Jordan Pitman, Brian Bell, Patrick Chida, Reagan Burns, Amanda Harclerode, Tate Shannon, Leeann Dockall, Ty Sentzen, Bonnie Silva, & Warren Ethridge.
  11. Laying Down Your Life. We hope you will reflect on how Jesus laid down His life for you and will take up the call to lay down your life for others. Created by: Hope Allen, Kayla Brown, Michael Horne, Morgan Hernandez, Hannah Rodriguez, Abel Santos, Karina Perez, Jeremiah Goossen, Paul Arce, & Joe Schmidt.
  12. Lasting Fruit.Lasting Fruit.Being appointed and chosen by God through His word. Created by: Joseph Flannigan, Kaelen Powless, Karli Conrad, Tucker Steele, Rachel Campbell, Jonathan Jackson, Cindy Urdiera-Reyes, Canyon Strawn, & Mark Jones.
  13. More Than Servants.Walk through the verses John 15:12-17 and discover the transformation from servant to friend of Christ. You will get to experience a hands-on station where you’ll get to see the transformation through the metaphor of litmus paper and water. Created by: Ryan Dunleavy, Qamiyon Marshall, Caleb Conant, Kayla Bolin, Emily Nielsen, Abigail Pearce, Rachel Reynes, & Stephen Galarza.


Friday evening at 9 pm and repeat at 10 pm

  • Prayer For Those New On the Journey
  • Praying Scripture
  • How to Plan a Personal Prayer Day

Saturday morning at 9 am and repeat at 10 am 

  • Prayer Mapping Your Campus
  • When God is Silent
  • Praying for Lost Family Members