The Baptist General Convention of Texas is dedicated in its efforts to put General Equivalency Diploma (GED) preparation programs in its churches. We are committed to equipping Texas Baptist churches with the resources needed and to help expand educational opportunities for all students and promote adult education through a free GED preparation course.

Do you want to get your GED?

It's great that you want to take the steps to a better future! Texas Baptists want to encourage you to contact a GED preparation site in your area. Please refer to our list of current prep sites. If you do not see one in your area please check back with us as new sites are added regularly.

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Prep Site

Find a GED
Testing Site


BGCT has partnered with GEDonline to provide a free GED preparation course. This is designed to ready individuals for the required GED exam and to receive their certificate.

GEDonline is set up to track the progress of a student through full-length timed practice tests and the GEDonline practice lessons until the student is ready to take the GED Test. This personalized approach is achieved by assigning a unique student ID number, username, and password to each student at the church site.

Each student has 24/7 access to the web site services which include:

  • Online grading of full-length timed practice tests and multimedia practice lessons for all five GED subjects
  • Essay grading ($10 charge per essay graded)
  • Help through online knowledge base and question/answer form
  • Tracking of individual progress
  • Activity reporting
  • English or Spanish versions

For more information on GED Requirements please see the official website for GED tests and GED scores and certificates.

Churches needed for GED Preparation Locations

Churches are being asked to step forward and become GED preparation sites. This will allow the church to take part in a unique ministry opportunity to minister to people in their community by providing the resources to help further a person's future. Churches are not official test centers, but serve as the preparation site of the GED preparation process.

Becoming a GED Preparation Site

  1. Your church's GED preparation site leader will need to obtain a purchase order number by calling BGCT at 888-244-9400.
  2. Your church's GED preparation site leader will then need to go to the GEDonline partner site at
    • Click on Products/Online Membership/English. Fill out required fields.
    • On Methods of Payment, select Purchase Order Payment then scroll down to option 6 and enter the purchase order number. This is the purchase order number you received from the BGCT. The Registration does not cost the church anything; the BGCT pays for this portion. This is a required step to access GEDonline
  3. After successful registration, within 24 hours, GEDonline will send your church a username and password.
  4. You are ready to start.

With GEDonline you have the option to register each student but each student does not have to be registered to use the preparation service.

The BGCT does not cover the cost of the actual GED Exam. Students would need to check with their local testing center for exact cost. Average cost is around $65-$90.