Spiritually healthy families grounded on faith in Christ create healthy churches and communities. We provide training, resources and tools to assist church leaders in developing effective and caring family ministries.

Sheryl Page

Ministry Assistant, Adult and Youth Discipleship

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We strive to equip you with the most effective Family Ministry resources. Below are a few we have found very helpful.

family life

cos davis

laugh your way

gary smalley

marriage today

drive faith home

D6 Family


Networking Resources

Are you in a church with an active, creative Family Ministry? Let us know what you're doing, and we'll publish a contact list for those who want to know who to talk to. Email us with your success stories, and we'll publish them here.

Churches with staff people specifically assigned to this ministry, and contact information - if you're a staff person with a full or part time assignment for family ministry, let us know!


As we gather information from churches and discover what's working and where, we'll be glad to bring this information to you and help you evaluate your situation and look at options to assist you in building effective ministries to your families.


We'll keep our eye out for good family enrichment Bible studies, and let you know about them here. We'll look for opportunities to publish the same through BaptistWay Press, and tell you here when it happens.

Divorce, Remarriage & Prevention

In our churches and society today, divorce has brought devastation. Marriage was the first institution God started on the earth, and we've allowed divorce laws to bring about desolation in the families of our country. And the church has often failed to respond effectively, either to find ways to prevent divorce, or to minister to those whose lives have been destroyed by it. It's time to change that.

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