This page is a constantly updated resource page for you to find relevant, exceptional, helpful tools to assist you in ministering to Single Adults. We recommend tools, tell you about upcoming events, give you the ability to network with other Texas churches who are doing creative family ministry, and more.

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Networking Resources

Calling all Texas Baptist churches with active, creative Single Adult Ministries! Let us know what you're doing, and we'll publish a contact list for those who want to know who to talk to.

Churches with staff people specifically assigned to this ministry, and contact information - if you're a staff person with a full or part time assignment for single adult ministry, let us know!

Web Resources

Kris Swiatocho

Here's a great, almost exhaustive list of books, pertinent bible studies, and leadership resources for Single Adult Ministry, put together by my friend and Single Adult Speaker/Author, Kris Swiatocho, on her site The Singles Network.

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Dave Edwards

I once had the privilege of hearing Dave speak. He was spot-on with his biblical message, delivered in a captivating style that had us asking for more. Many of you have heard Dave at one event or another, but now's your chance to consider getting together with others in your region and bringing in the real deal for a regional Single Adult retreat or one-night conference!

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Ken Davis

Ken is a master of exceptionally family friendly comedy with a message of hope and nuggets of wisdom. On his website are plenty of sample video clips that will have you laughing and sharing clips with all your buddies! His off-kilter look at life is so funny and perfectly skewers us right where we are, we can't help but find ourselves laughing out loud at ourselves, and suddenly, we see opportunities for change.

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SMORE for Women

Single Moms - Overjoyed, Rejuvenated, Empowered! Our mission is to encourage single moms by inspiring them to achieve their full potential. SMORE was developed and is run by Gail Showalter, whom we utilized at our last Texas Baptist Single Adult Conference in Georgetown, and comes highly recommended for both her innovative and helpful resources and her conferences.

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Hope & Help for the Single Mom

Lori Little has put together an exceptionally practical, helpful resource for single moms. This resource can be used in churches and directly by single moms as a great asset to help them thrive in the midst of their overwhelming circumstances.

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Singleness and Scripture

What the Bible really says about those who aren't married
by Lisa Harper

I had the privilege of speaking at a church last Mother's Day. I felt privileged, because any time I'm able to talk about Jesus is a treat. But I also felt uncomfortable, because I'm over 40, single, and childless. Mother's Day is a celebration earmarked for minivan-driving women with a gaggle of children-not women like me. The day's meant for women who woke up to a lovely breakfast prepared by a doting husband - not women who woke up alone at the Fairfield Inn. Click here to read more.

Book Recommendations

  • Courage to Connect: A Journey Toward Intimacy in Relationships - by Rich Hurst, Victor Press, 2002
  • Creative Weekends: 23.5 Ready to Use Events for Single Adult Ministry - Compiled by Paul Petersen - Cook Ministry Resources
  • Building Community: Single Focus - Multiple Options for building community - by Joel Walker & Kent McIlhaney, David C. Cook
  • Living Together: Myths, Risks & Answers - by Mike & Harriet McManus
  • Singles at the Crossroads: A Fresh Perspective on Christian Singleness- by Albert Y. Hsu
  • Reaching Single Adults - by Dennis Franck

Additional Resources

Consultations - as we gather information from churches and discover what's working and where, we'll be glad to bring this information to you and help you evaluate your situation and look at options to assist you in building effective ministries to your single adults.

When you visit, you'll have access anytime, anywhere, to hundreds of free training videos from leading practitioners across North America, including Texas Baptists.