Status of National Bible Drill

Status of the State and Regional Bible Drill Competitions

The Coronavirus is affecting all of us and we are striving to keep everyone safe. For this year only, we are cancelling the three Children’s State Drills, the Regional Youth Drills and the Regional High School Bible Drill and Speakers’ Tournament that were to be held in College Station, Midland and Irving. Organizing the State High School Drills and Speakers’ Tournament will be determined later, by using the Federal, State and Local recommendations.


All drills will be done at the local church location.  No timeframe is given for these drills and the drills can be conducted after the church resumes a normal schedule.  Texas Baptists provides the drills that will be used for all competitions. Leaders can go to this website and sign up to receive the Associational, Regional and State Drills:
Request for Association, State (children), and Regional (youth/high school) Drills

These provisions should be used only after federal, state, and local authorities indicate that group gatherings are once again advisable.  Texas Baptists (BGCT) do not encourage meetings which ignore the guidelines provided by these entities for the health and safety of our communities. Remember: The church will get drills and Certificates emailed to them when they sign up on the provided Google form on this website:
Request for Association, State (children), and Regional (youth/high school) Drills

Request for Association, State, and Regional Drills 

Advancement Scores 

The State High School Drill and Speakers’ Tournament date and location will be determined by the end of April.  If the State drill for High School is conducted, High School drillers who score a minimum of 300 at their Regional drill will advance to the State competition.  Speakers who score at least an 85 on the combined composition and speech will advance to the State competition. Updates will be on the Bible Drill webpage and Facebook pages.   

Speakers’ Tournament 

This year only--speakers who advance to the Regional level will submit a video of their speech and their written composition to  Speeches will be judged, and compositions will be scored, and the speakers will be notified of their scores.   

Ellen Battles 9 Year Award 

If participants qualify for Children’s State or Youth Regionals, 2020 would qualify for the 9 consecutive years and be eligible for the Ellen Battles 9-year award. 

If a High School participant was to receive the Ellen Battles 9 Year award this year, the church should contact Sarah Johnson at to notify us of the driller or speakers’ hard work.  The award would be mailed to the church to be presented to the participants.  

Thank you for your support during this difficult time for all of us.  For questions, please email through

What is Bible Drill/Speakers’ Tournament 2.0? 

A discipleship ministry for children and students to internalize the magnitude of God’s love through scripture memory, Bible skills, and speech preparation, all to respond to life’s situations and strengthen their faith in Christ.


The purpose of Bible Drill 2.0 is to begin to develop memory skills; skills that will teach students to effectively handle the Bible, increase the student’s knowledge of the Bible, and learn how to apply the meaning of the passages to their lives.

If participation in Bible Drill/Speakers’ Tournament is just for scripture memory—we lose.  If we learn scripture without meaning—we lose. If we compete just to win—we lose. We win when we make the scriptures personal, when we are changed and can apply the meaning of scriptures to our lives.

Coordinating Team

This is a team of people from all over Texas who love Bible Drill/Speakers’ Tournament and who desire to see it grow. They are the new backbone of Bible Drill/Speaker’s Tournament.  If you have any questions, please contact the Coordinating Team at

For information on Church and Associational Drills, please contact your church and/or association.


How do I begin?

Need a little help understanding how a drill should run?  Click below for our training video.

View Training


CSB, KJV, and NIV Verses are available. Click below to download.

Download Verses

LifeWay Children's Bible Skills, Drills, and Thrills NIV Supplement 

Bible Versions

Click below for the Bible versions allowed for 2019-2020.

View Versions

Sample Church Drills

For sample association drills, please email

Youth Speakers’ Tournament 

Speakers’ Tournament Written Speech

New Updated Guidelines

Beginning in 2019, each speaker’s written manuscript will be evaluated before the competition for content, form, and grammar. The written speech score will be included in the final score.

Manuscripts of the speeches must use the MLA format and must include either in-text citations or endnotes. Each speech must also include a works-cited page.  For more information about MLA formatting and style, please reference the Dallas Baptist University Writing Center MLA Packet, available here.

Manuscripts should be emailed on the Monday preceding the regional drill and speaker’s tournament weekend to be scored before the tournament.

If a speaker continues to the State Drill, that speech will be kept and scored before the state drill. Scores will be included in the final count.

The scoring will be as following:

  • Manuscript/Written Composition 20%
  • Content 40%
  • Delivery 40%

Topics – Green Cycle

  • Salvation is Just the Beginning
  • The Authority of the Bible
  • Go Ye into All the World
  • Once Saved Always Saved
  • Jesus, My Guide for Life
  • Created in His Image
  • The Work of the Holy Spirit
  • The Importance of Daily Time with God
  • Called to Serve
  • My Future Belongs to God
  • When Tough Times Hit Home
  • Building Up the Body
  • Faith Versus Works
  • Saved to Serve
  • I Believe in Forever
  • Truths for Tough Times
  • God’s Greatest Gift
  • Practicing the Presence of God
  • Teenagers – The Church of Today

2020 Calendar

  • March 15: Suggested Church Drill Date
  • March 22: Suggested Associational Drill Date
  • March 22-24: Registration open for State/Regional Online Registrations for College Station
  • March 29-31: Registration open for State/Regional Online Registrations for Midland
  • April 3-4:  State (CH)/Regional (YT/HS) Texas Baptists Bible Drill/Speakers' Tournament (FBC College Station, 2300 Welsh Ave, College Station)
  • April 5-6: Registration open for State/Regional Online Registrations for Irving
  • April 12: Easter
  • April 17-18: State (CH)/Regional (YT/HS) Texas Baptists Bible Drill/Speakers' Tournament (FBC Midland, 2104 W Louisiana, Midland)
  • April 24-25: State (CH)/Regional (YT/HS) Texas Baptists Bible Drill/Speakers' Tournament (FBC Irving, 403 S Main St, Irving)
  • May 2: State Finals for Youth, High School, and Speakers (FBC Carrollton, 1401 Carrollton Pkwy, Carrollton)

Please note that online registration is staggered this year, so make sure you take note of the registration date for your location. Registration for Regionals/State will open on Sunday afternoon at 6:00 pm. It will close on Tuesday at 11:59 pm. 

General Schedule

State (CH)/Regional (YT/HS) BGCT Drills /Speakers’ Tournament


  • 5:00 pm – Registration opens
  • 6:00 pm – Competition begins
  • 9:00 pm – Friday evening awards session


  • 8:00 am – Registration opens
  • 8:30 am – Competition begins
  • 11:30 am – Saturday awards session

Registration Information


Scholarship Information

Four of our Texas Baptist Universities will offer scholarships to the winners of Bible Drill and Speakers Tournament.  These scholarships are offered by the universities themselves, so contact will be made directly to them.

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