BOUNCERS, are you looking for ideas on how you can BOUNCE Back Home? Check out some of the possibilities below and share your own ideas that can end up on the BOUNCE Back Home page by clicking on the link at the end of this page.

Serve a Mission/Ministry Center

With your parent's permission, contact a local homeless shelter, clothing closet, or soup kitchen to discover what opportunities of service they might have. Encourage your parents to go serve with you. Many larger communities have mission centers that gladly mobilize volunteers to serve. Check to see what is available in your community.

Prepare and Distribute Hygiene Kits

Have you ever seen a homeless person on a street corner asking for help? You and your family could put together some Hygiene Kits to help that person. Include a bottle of water, travel size bars of soap and tooth-paste, tooth-brush, hand sanitizer, socks, granola bars, and a small New Testament. Place the items in a zip lock bag and keep several of them in the family car to distribute to people in need. You could even include a $5 gift card to a fast food restaurant if you desire. Keep some handy at home to re-stock your family car when needed.

Nursing Home

With your parents' and nursing home staff's permission, you could:

  • Read the Bible to residents
  • Paint women resident's fingernails
  • Give everyone a flower on Valentines Day
  • Visit residents who don't have family
  • Make and distribute balloon animals
  • Ask the nursing home administrator what needs you could help meet


With your parents' support and permission, you could go to the park and:

  • Make and handout balloon animals to children
  • Hand out bottles of water to runners (put an encouraging Scripture Sticker on the bottle)
  • Blow bubbles and give out bubbles to children
  • Pick up trash

Parking Lot

With your parents' support and permission, you could:

  • Get some friends together and hold a free carwash
  • Wash car windshields
  • If it's a grocery store or department store, collect and corral the shopping carts
  • Pick up trash
  • Offer to assist people with their groceries
  • Make balloon animals for children


Most everyone has a senior adult – perhaps a homebound person - in their neighborhood. With permission, look for opportunities to serve that person. The possibilities are really endless. Make yourself available to:

  • Clean flower beds
  • Take our and bring in their trash cans
  • Change light bulbs
  • See a need and meet it!

Cafeteria Ministry

You know the school cafeteria can be a tough place for new or lonely students at your school. Step out and step up to be the type of person that will look for opportunities to include these students in your group at lunch time.

Operation Christmas Child

With your parents' permission, check out Operation Christmas Child and pack a shoebox. Since 1993, more than a million girls and boys in 130 countries have experienced the love of God through a simple Christmas Shoe box. Click here for details.

Christmas Caroling Party

With your parents' permission and support, contact a church staff member for names of several home bound church members. With the help of some of your friends, bake or make some Christmas Treats, and deliver them to the homebound members. Sing them a few familiar carols too! Wrap up your time by partaking some of the treats back home.

Vacant Lot Clean Up

Is there a vacant lot near your home or church that could use some clean up? With your parents' permission and assistance, mobilize a group of friends to assist with the clean up. Gather some trash bags and yard equipment, and go to work.

Helping a Neighbor in Need

Perhaps a neighbor needs some assistance in this area. A single mom with small children could use some help with her yard. Perhaps a neighbor who is hospitalized for a significant length of time – take the initiative to take care of their yard.

BOUNCERS, we want to hear from you! What BOUNCE Back Home Ideas have you and/or your youth group tried? Share your testimony below. Have you got a new idea to pass on? Tell us about it. Your idea could appear on the BOUNCE Back Home Page. Share your results and submit it to BOUNCE.

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