61 Isaiah Ministries works with a people group called the Lenca in the mountains of Western Honduras. Our vision is to share the hope and love of Jesus Christ and to empower the local leadership by equipping them to carry out the Great Commission in Honduras. Through building relationships and meeting human needs, 61 Isaiah Ministries is able to share the Gospel, plant churches, make disciples, and meet the physical needs of the people in order to reach the Lenca.

We believe God has called us to minister to the poorest of the poor. Honduras is the second poorest nation in the Americas and the Lenca are one of the poorest people groups in the country. We are humbled and honored that God has called us to minister to this amazing group of people by providing for some of the necessities they have. The greatest need the people have is spiritual. Through discipleship, and personal relationships, we are able to be a part of the process of meeting their spiritual needs. God has called us to help with their physical needs such as food, medical help, and education. As we make friendships and assist in the physical needs of the Lenca, we are then able to share our faith with them.

God has given us a vision for partnering with individuals and churches throughout the world in making the name of Jesus famous amongst the Lenca people of Honduras. We partner with churches in the US who have a vision of making a long-term relationship with the Lenca people. Currently we are working with 25 church plants and it is our vision to unite each of these 25 local churches with a partner church from outside of Honduras. We believe through this partnership God will be glorified.

The most important way people can become involved is by praying for the Lenca people, our ministry, and our family. We also believe an important aspect in getting involved is to connect personally by coming to Honduras to see what God is doing amongst the Lenca. There are not adequate words to describe how God is moving here until you truly experience it. There are a variety of ways to minister while here including VBS, evangelism, discipleship, and participating in our human need ministry.

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