I am a retired engineer from Monsanto Chemical Company whom God called to volunteer for pastoral ministry in my retirement years. In 2000 I served as volunteer interim pastor of the church we attended in the 1970's while building a chemical plant in northeast England. That ministry brought about American Interim Pastor Ministries, Inc. (nonprofit). We have had 31 American couples serve 15 UK Baptist churches and one Evangelical Free church. We have had 36 youth workers serve in 16 UK Baptist churches.

Britain is truly a mission field. The state church did no favors for the cause of Christ over the centuries and secularism has wiped out most Christian witness since WWII. Some 2100 churches remain in the Baptist Union of Great Britain, but the average age of the members of about half of those churches is 60 and up. Those churches desperately need help in reaching families with young children.

I feel called to use the 3 decades worth of experience I have as a very active layman to help struggling churches. I have numerous contacts in Baptist and Evangelical Free circles in the UK and see that as an excellent mission field in which to invest my life and energy. I see retirees as a tremendous ministry resource for churches that are committed to spreading the Gospel. I feel strongly, and 31 couples have demonstrated, that retired Americans can help the Lord grow His British churches and stem the decline.

We need candidates for interim pastor and youth/children's workers. Assignments are usually for 6 months and interim pastors might expect congregations from 20 to 50 people with a great hunger for solid Bible preaching and teaching. British church members truly welcome the American volunteers' boldness in outreach. Youth and children's workers might expect 2 to 10 attendees in the 2 age groups. Almost without exception, those kids are not professing Christians and will have very little Bible background. Youth and Children's workers are allowed to serve in schools in religious education classes, presentations at school assemblies and as "teacher's aids." This is excellent outreach for Christ and His church.

Visit our website for more information about American Interim Pastors Ministries, www.americaninterimpastors.com.