I moved to Austin in 2010 to start my undergrad at the University of Texas and I have been connected to the campus and its students ever since. During my time at UT as a student, I was a part of the Baptist Student Ministry, where I met my husband, Jason. Last year Jason and I began to work full-time with college students at the Longhorn BSM and we are excited to continue to be a part of the work that God is doing here. 

Jason and I were drawn back to UT last year (2016) after working with university students in Canada. Our experience there reminded us of the openness of college students and their ability to affect the world in the next decade. We also saw the diversity that exists in cultural hubs like Vancouver, New York City, and even Austin, as a result of various people groups relocating to North America. It was clear then that we could make the greatest impact for the Kingdom by returning to UT’s campus and discipling university students. 

While I was a student at UT, the BSM was a source of community, encouragement, and training. Consistent discipleship by a mentor helped me through the hardest seasons of my life as I wrestled with the concepts of truth, grace, forgiveness and faith, especially as I studied Religious Studies at UT. I needed understanding individuals to keep pointing me back to Jesus without judgment. I needed a more mature believer to teach me how to study scripture and share it with other people. I needed someone to invest in my life. For me, my calling to work at UT’s campus is about seeing individual students where they are, walking with them through challenging seasons of life, and showing them the love of Jesus. 

UT attracts highly-motivated, future leaders from Texas and the U.S., along with global leaders from around the world. At the same time, modern academia is challenging the faith of students, making availability of spiritual truth vital to the lives of the modern student. With over 50,000 students enrolled at the university, there is a great need for laborers for the harvest. The Longhorn BSM is dedicated to developing reproducing disciple-makers to represent Jesus to the world leaders of the next generation. 

You can partner with us in prayer for the Longhorn BSM and UT’s campus. We send monthly updates to our partners to let them know how things are going and how they can be praying specifically for the ministry at UT. To see our latest update, visit our blog. 

You can also partner with us financially. We support raise our entire household income and any gift, one-time, monthly, or by semester, is incredibly appreciated. We are humbled that you would prayerfully consider partnering with us in ministering to UT students.