Crafted and designed by our One and only, I am a child of the living God desiring to love because He loved and serve because He served. I am a joyful extrovert who loves to be in the presence of people. I have a passion for nutrition because I enjoy helping others. As an individual seeking His kingdom, I long to live a life fully delighting in Christ in all that I do. My hope is that the love and joy of Christ in me would overflow into others. 

I feel called to this ministry because of how He crafted and strategically designed me to be. I love the Lord, and He loves people. He gave me a heart to love people and a passion for nutrition. This ministry is an amazing opportunity that the Lord gave me to combine the wonderful gifts that He has given to me. The Lord was gracious to open my eyes towards people living in poverty through nutrition courses that focused on this topic. I desire to be a part of His kingdom in loving people. Understanding the existence of food insecurity even in the greater city of Houston opened my heart to being a part of this ministry. It gave me an opportunity to allow God to use me in loving others. 

It is important for people to be involved in this ministry because it includes people all around us. These are people that we run into every day. These are people that we unintentionally ignore. These are people that the Lord loves and desires us to love. He called us to take care of the poor. Nutrition is one of many ways to reach out to those in need. Food insecurity is defined as an inadequate access to food due to resources and money. It is one of the most serious nutrition related public health problem in the U.S., and Houston is not an exception. Many low-income families live in food deserts, which are areas where it is difficult to purchase wholesome food. This is an issue because nutrition plays a significant role in life, and for children it is necessary for growth and development. Feeding the hungry may seem like small deed, but it definitely is a way to reach out to those are in need of hope. In Matthew 25, Jesus says that when we feed the hungry and give a drink to those who are thirsty, we are doing them for Him. Multiple times throughout the Bible the Lord says to take care of the poor, and the hope of this ministry is that it would be a way to love and care for those in need. 

People can get involved through prayer! Prayer is such a significant component that can get buried away so quickly. The Lord has allowed us to seek Him in prayer and intercede through the Spirit. There is no better encouragement than the one from the Lord!

Also, financial support is helpful too! I ask that you would prayerfully seek the Lord in supporting me throughout this year of ministry. 

This last year of college has been quite a ride. It all started with a stubborn heart and mind that led me to put God’s plans in a box. I decided I wanted my post-graduation to look a certain way, but the Lord interceded to remind me not to limit Him. He is always right. I was definitely limiting Him. The last half of the year was spent learning how to be humble and open before the Lord. I recognized that the future was more than what I thought was good, who I thought I could impact, or how accomplished I could be. My stubbornness revealed my lack of trust in the Lord. It was quite a journey getting to this chapter where I get to serve the Lord this fall, but the Lord is amazing at strategically guiding every step of the way. Through Perspectives classes that opened my heart to living a missional life, through nutrition classes pointing me towards food insecurity, through sisters in Christ who prayed and walked with me through the process… I am super grateful for the Lord’s goodness as I came to this point today.