We are Nick and Susan Howard and we will be ministering at Immanuel Baptist Church in Wiesbaden, Germany. IBC is a wonderful church with an amazing story. In the years following WWII, no English-language Baptist churches existed to serve the U.S. military forces remaining in postwar Germany. Immanuel was founded in 1957 in order to meet that need. Many of the international churches in Europe can trace their history back to Immanuel. In 1973 joined with a German Baptist Church in order to build a building, a building which is still shared today by both congregations! In l992, the U.S. military began minimizing its presence in Europe. Consequently, the church refocused its vision and has become an international congregation of peoples with over 16 nations represented each Sunday!

As former missionaries to Germany, we both speak fluent German. Not only that, we have a love for and understanding of those living in cultures other than their own. When we see this opportunity to minister alongside of the people of Immanuel, we see a unique opportunity to make disciples of all nations and feel God has given us a set of unique gifts and calling to be in this role.

In the state of Hessen (the state of which Wiesbaden is the capital city), there are over 1 million foreigners! Even though not all of those foreigners will speak English, our partnership with the Christuskirche (German Baptist congregation) places us in a unique place to reach the peoples of the world.

We need people who will covenant to pray with us each step of the way. Because of the dynamics of living and working near so many US companies and military institutions, many people will know people coming to Wiesbaden or who have been a part of our ministry. We would love to connect with those people.

Although the church has a long history and a wonderful future, the shift from US military to international church has left the church much smaller than it was decades ago. That is not really to say it is weaker, but the resources with which the church operates today are more limited. We are reaching across many socio-economic lines in our church, which is a wonderful picture of heaven. Having those who would be willing to help make this ministry possible will allow the church freedom to reach out in unique ways in our city and state.

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