My name is Shaun Lynch. I am married to Whitney and we have three incredible children, Jarrett (10), Kenzie (6), and Landon (5). I became a believer in Christ at the age of 18 while at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes conference in Albuquerque, N.M. I knew I was called to ministry later that Summer after having the opportunity to lead a friend of mine to a relationship with Christ. I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to doing that, leading people to Christ. After serving in ministry as a student pastor, church planter, and lead pastor since 2001, we had the opportunity to come to Canada as missionaries in September 2015.

After having serving in various capacities since 2001 my wife and I knew that God was calling us to plant a church again, but knew we wanted to reach into places that were considered unreached and unchurched. Through much prayer we were looking at unchurched places within the United States, and had only jokingly talked about Canada, having never been out of the country before. Then, while at the BGCT annual convention in Waco in 2014, we met Josh and Lisa Arrington who had planted Church On The Rock in Vancouver, B.C. Their vision was to make disciples, develop leaders, and send them out to live lives of impact for the Gospel. This was exactly what God was laying on our hearts to do in church planting. After learning that in the Fraser Valley of Metro Vancouver there were only 3 churches for over 300,000 residents, and that in Vancouver as a whole it was less than 2% Evangelical Christian, we quickly realized there was a huge need for the Gospel in Vancouver. While Vancouver is beautiful and Canadians feel as though they are not lacking anything, it is spiritually bankrupt and resistant to anyone sharing with them a need for Jesus. After several meetings, much prayer, and visits to Vancouver, we knew that God was calling us to be here to plant churches alongside Church On The Rock with the end goal being raising up Canadian believers to lead these churches.

Truth is we need believers to be involved in this ministry because the need for the Gospel is immense in all of Canada, specifically in Vancouver. Not only are there not enough churches in Vancouver, especially in the Fraser Valley, there are not enough believers to begin new churches either. The goal is not for us to be here to lead these churches, but to raise up Canadian believers to lead these churches. The problem is they are not believers yet, so this is of course going to take time. Having believers be missionally involved in Vancouver would be a tremendous help in sharing the Gospel, discipling new believers, and training leaders to send out and plant more churches.

Typically there are three ways that people can get involved with Church On The Rock and our family in Canada. First, we need people to pray. This cannot be overstated as we are working alongside people who are hesitant to the Gospel. There will inevitably be numerous challenges and having brothers and sisters in Christ praying for our family is a tremendous need.

Second, we need financial partners. In other words, we need people to provide. Vancouver, is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world and we are responsible for raising 100% of our support as missionaries. While others can be bi-vocational, according to Canadian Immigration Law, I am not allowed to work anywhere else but Church On The Rock and cannot have an open work permit. We are completely dependent on partners from the U.S. to provide for our salary and finances.

Finally, we need partners to come and play. In other words, we need partners who can commit to sending mission teams, or getting mission teams together to come and put their feet on the ground in Vancouver and join us in this exciting work. It is vital that we have mission teams come and help us throughout the year.

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