Introducing the Urban Church Leader Coaching Network

Have you ever felt completely helpless about what was happening in the life of your church? You have read the books, you have gone to conferences, and it still seems like there is so much to overcome. The Urban Church Leader Coaching network wants to help you walk through next steps. Each church and community is unique in its mission and context. We want to help you find what will work best for you as you move forward.

Coaching/Mentoring provides someone to talk to that can help you get to the next level of your ministry. Currently we are looking for experienced ministers who feel God may be moving them to coach and mentor others. It may be that you want to be able to do this in your own ministry context, or you would like to apply to join our network of coaches.

We are also looking for coaches who will begin networking groups in different areas around Texas. Though it is not required, further training and certification is available through the Tarrant Baptist Association.

Upcoming Events

Check back soon.

Benefits to church leaders receiving coaching

  • Ability to look at your church context from a different and more positive perspective.
  • Opportunity to see your community as Jesus sees it
  • Additional accountability to meet your goals
  • Have a listening ear and trusted advisor in the midst of leading the church and when crisis comes

Benefits to Coaches

  • New leadership skills that will help you lead your church to new days
  • The ability to ask the questions needed to take your church to the next level
  • New listening skills that will permeate all areas of your life and family
  • The ability to make a kingdom impact by helping one or two pastors at a time make strides in the ministry they are doing