Personal & Spiritual Development

Session 1 

In session one, we begin by discussing the importance of scripture, and then moving into an appropriate way to interpret the word. This session though certainly not a course in hermeneutics’ will be a great help to you in Biblical interpretation when reading the Scripture in personal devotional time.


Session 2

In session two we will continue our study of scripture interpretation and then turn to what is called Spiritual reading. These two sessions together are designed to help you as you read and apply the Word to your everyday life. Because we believe that scripture is the primary way God speaks to His children is imperative that those who lead in the life of the church have a very clear understanding of how to interpret and apply the Scriptures to their lives. 


Session 3

We move now into a 3-segment session on prayer. We will begin with a pattern for prayer which we find in the Lord’s prayer and then move into a segment on journaling that is essential for the contemplative life of the church leaders. 


Session 4

We will end our time in the spiritual disciplines by discussing three different fundamental disciplines of the Christian life, Silence and Solitude, Fasting, and Sabbath. These three disciplines can make a world of difference in the life and ministry of the Christian leader. 

As you finish this section, we want to encourage you to read the entirety of Dr. Whitney’s book Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life. We believe the totality of the book will be of great help to you. 

We now move into a 4-part session on how to be intentional in your life. David Bowman and Becky Bisor with the Tarrant Baptist Association help people in this important process. They have taken time in these four sessions to help you be able to do that on your own. 


Session 5

When it is all said and done, what do you want people to say about you, how do you want God to evaluate your life? For this reason, you would take the time to write out a “Eulogy” now.


Session 6

Do you have a mission statement for your life? Do you have something that you are personally shooting for every single day? It is important as a church leader to understand your unique gifts and abilities and how those inform your personal mission plan.


Session 7

Once you have figured out how you want to be remembered, what your personal mission is, you can then begin to set priorities of your life. This will help you in making decisions about how to spend your time to have the most impact you can.


Session 8 

Now we will begin to act because, without action, planning is worthless. This session helps you to you as you start making happen what God has called you to.