The Oil Field Ministry hopes to develop relationships, support and meet physical and spiritual needs of individuals working in the oil industry by extending care, concern, compassion and hope to the workers and their families.

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Ministry Ideas

There is a great need in the oil field and a number of ways you can get involved in the Oil Field Ministry. If you'd like more information regarding the various Oil Field Ministry opportunities, please email

Please explore Ways to Minister in the Oil Field for complete descriptions of Oil Field Ministry ideas.

Gatekeeper Ministry

Gatekeepers are generally couple in the oil field responsible for ensuring the safety of the oil derricks and other equipment. A Gatekeeper Ministry would need to have separate activities for women and men since it is very unlikely that the couple would be able to attend an activity together since they work opposite shifts.

RV Park Ministry

Oil Field workers often come with their families and take residence in RV parks. An RV Park Ministry would center on meeting the residents and engaging in a variety of family-oriented compassion ministries.

Man Camp Ministry

Man camps are found all over oil field communities and is a ministry basically for men only. A Man Camp Ministry of friendship can include a wide range of activities during their off-work times. Building trust and friendships will allow an opportunity to invite them to a Man Camp Bible Study.

Bible Study Ministry

Oil field workers have long and unpredictable working hours. Bible studies may take place at unusual hours and in unexpected places – at a hotel meeting room at 4am or on the tailgate of an oil field worker’s truck during his lunch hour. Developing friendships is vital to starting a Bible Study Ministry.

Trucking Company Ministry

Trucking companies are essential to the oil field industry and can be found all across Texas. Ministry activities could include: “brown bag lunch” for truck drivers at water disposal plants; Bible distribution (with owner permission) at a trucking company office.

Bible Distribution Ministry

The Oil Patch Bible is a powerful tool in reaching oil field workers for Christ. A great way to distribute the Bible is by placing them in the lobbies of local hotels (with hotel manager permission). The intent is for these Bibles to be available to anyone according to their interest.

Oil Field Family Outreach Ministry

Oil Field Families often find themselves living miles away from family and friends – a very lonely situation. These transplanted families often need friendship and encouragement. Ministry activities can include participation in events sponsored by the school, the church and / or the community.

Meet the Chaplains

Hollas and Nelda Hoffman felt God's call and responded on August 29th, 2013 to be Chaplains in Oil Field Ministry. They spend their time recruiting and training others to serve in the Oil Patch. Visit Oil Patch Chapel Ministries for more information.

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