Bobby Smith

Director, Chaplaincy Relations

(214) 828-5381

Calling & Endorsement

Eric Whitmore

Associate Endorser - Administration, Chaplaincy Calling and Endorsement, Chaplaincy Relations

(214) 828-5277


Jim Brown

Associate Endorser - Administration, Chaplain Training, Chaplaincy Relations

Will Bearden

Associate Endorser - Pastoral Care and Support, Chaplaincy Relations

Dan Franklin

Associate Endorser - Pastoral Care and Support, Chaplaincy Relations

Donald Lacy

Associate Endorser - Pastoral Care and Support, Chaplaincy Relations

Volunteer Associate Endorsers

  • James Caraway, Retired Army Chaplain
  • Judy Collins, Healthcare Chaplain
  • Gary Patterson, Chaplain Coach
  • Bill Perdue, Retired Navy Chaplain
  • Brad Riza, Retired Air Force Chaplain
  • Milton Tyler, Retired Air Force Chaplain
  • Lee Underwood, Retired Texas Department of Criminal Justice Chaplain
  • Steve Welch, Retired Federal Bureau of Prisons Chaplain
  • Kevin Zimdars, Retired Federal Border Patrol Chaplain

Endorsement Council

  • Margie Atkinson, DMin, BCC, Baycare Health System, Clearwater, Florida
  • Gina Biddle, MA, BCC, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas
  • Andrew Chao, MDiv, BCC, Memorial Hermann Northeast, Humble, Texas
  • Coleman Chong
  • Heather Duff, DMin, Mississippi Army National Guard, Pontotoc, Mississippi
  • David Edmonds, MDiv, BCC, St. John Health System, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • James Glaser, New Zion Baptist Church, Bonham, Texas
  • Donald Lacy, MDiv, Texas Department of Criminal Justice Regional Chaplain, Palestine, Texas
  • Bruce Lampert, DMin, Hendrick Health System, Abilene, Texas
  • Oran Lee, MDiv, INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Melissa Pardun, MDiv, BCC, Waco, Texas
  • Joseph Perez, MDiv, BCC, Valley Baptist Medical Center, Harlingen, Texas
  • James Spivey, PhD, B.H. Carroll Theological Institute, Irving, Texas
  • Mang TiakMang Tiak, DMin, BCC, CHI Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center, Houston, Texas.