Give the gift of a lifetime and beyond. Your support of Texas Baptist missions can continue to impact lives for an eternity. To help you steward your resources in the most effective way possible, The Missions Foundation offers a variety of planned giving avenues to consider.

Charitable Gift Annuity

A donor and the Missions Foundation can form a contract where the donor gives cash or an asset in return for fixed payments over his or her lifetime, which are partially tax deductible. Part of the amount given is used by the Missions Foundation and part is returned to the donor as income. 

Charitable Remainder Trust

A donor can establish a trust with the Missions Foundation for an asset that provides income for a beneficiary of the donor's choosing as well as tax benefits. The income may be in fixed amounts or a percentage of the asset's principle value. After the passing of the beneficiary, the remainder of the value of the trust is given to the Missions Foundation. bout charitable remainder trusts.

Charitable Lead Trust

The opposite of a Charitable Remainder Trust, a Charitable Lead Trust establishes the Missions Foundation as the recipient of income made from the established trust, with a designated beneficiary receiving the remaining value once the donor has passed. Like a Remainder Trust, the payments may be in fixed amounts or a percentage of the asset's present value. 

Donor Advised Fund

Donors may set up a Donor Advised Fund with a public charity (i.e. Communities Foundation of Texas) and make grant recommendations for how their fund is to be distributed to the Missions Foundation. There are income and capital gains tax benefits for the donor as well as other benefits.

Non-Cash Gifts

The Missions Foundation is able to accommodate a variety of different gifts, both cash and non-cash. Contact us if you are considering donating an asset like one of the categories listed below or have questions about donating your asset.

  • Securities
  • Life insurance
  • Personal property
  • Real estate
  • Retirement plan