Syrian refugees fleeing to other countries, specifically Lebanon, are facing a harsh winter. Arriving with little money and few possessions, winter weather makes a bad situation even worse.

By supporting this effort, you are providing warmth given through Christian love.

Due to Texas Baptists' efforts in refugee relief last year, we are poised to have a greater impact on more people in need through the Lebanese Baptist Society and network of churches.

Since early 2011, when the Syrian conflict began, more than 1.5 million refugees have fled to Lebanon seeking safety. Most of them have little money and no place to live. When the harsh winter strikes, they hunker down and find warmth the best ways they can. Often times, they spend the winter living in flimsy canvas tents with no blankets, mattresses, or heaters.

This crisis has opened the door to a remarkable outreach opportunity for Texas Baptists to join with Lebanese Baptist churches to help meet physical and spiritual needs of these refugees. To meet those needs, Lebanese Baptists are requesting assistance in winterizing space where 9,000 refugees from Syria and Iraq are staying. With you, they will provide beds, blankets, heaters and other necessities to help refugees survive the winter. They will also provide pictorial Arabic Bibles and scripture summaries.

Texas Baptists connections with Lebanon are again poised to make a strong impact on their lives. Last winter, our combined efforts were able to provide 4,375 blankets, 1,235 mattresses, 200 heating stoves, and 535 fuel vouchers to refugees. Thank you for giving to this effort. As the winter months are approaching once again, all donations help clothe and warm refugees as they fight to survive yet another frigid season.

When you give, you provide:

$578 - provide a family with three blankets, two mattresses, one stove, fuel vouchers for four months
$248 - provide a family with two blankets, one mattress, one stove and fuel vouchers for one month
$148 - provide a family with two blankets, one mattress, one heater stove
$68 - provide a family with four blankets and one mattress

Every distribution listed above comes with an Arabic Bible and scripture summaries. All of which are distributed through local churches, which creates a connection between the individual in need, the church, and Christ.


Texas Baptists raise over $26,000 to aid Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Generous contributions, totalling $26,800, from Texas Baptist individuals and churches helped numerous Syrian refugees survive yet another cold winter and spring in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon.

Donations were given through the Texas Baptists’ Refugee Relief Project, which originated in October 2014 through a partnership between Texas Baptists and the Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development (LSESD).

The funds raised this winter and spring through the project will help support local Lebanese churches in their mission to be the hands and feet of Christ to the millions of Syrians who have been fleeing to Lebanon since... [continue]