Annual Meeting

Welcome to Waco and the 2014 Baptist General Convention of Texas Annual Meeting. Our theme this year is “Live the Difference” based on 1 John 2:6 where we are encouraged to “abide in Him and walk as He walked.” How do we “abide” in Christ? What does abiding in Christ look like in practice? How are we as Texas Baptists called to implement our relationship with Christ in a way that will transform our great state? It is my hope that this annual meeting will spark answers to these questions and more. It is because of Texas together to make a difference. Again, welcome to Waco!

Jeff Johnson,
Texas Baptists Convention President

Hello Texas Baptists! It is my joy to welcome you to the 2014 Annual Meeting for the Baptist General Convention of Texas. This is an exciting time for our convention as we pave the way for our future and focus on what it means for us to “live the difference.” Texas is growing more diverse every day. As our state changes and shifts, so is the landscape of Texas Baptists. In this exciting age of diversity, I think it fitting to focus our attention on what it means to live out our faith radically and authentically. So, in unity and with excitement for the future, join with me and our brothers and sisters across Texas, in celebrating the abundant life we have in Christ! Let’s rejoice in our heritage as Baptists, and let’s worship the One in whom we abide.

David Hardage,
Texas Baptists Executive Director

2014 Baptist General Convention of Texas

Annual Meeting
November 16-18, 2014
Waco Convention Center
Waco, Texas