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We care about the victims of clergy sexual misconduct and our churches want to work together to stop violence and abuse of the innocent, whether the victim be an adult or a child.

Churches and individuals trust ministers to provide leadership, guidance, and care during some of the most vulnerable periods of life. Clergy sexual misconduct, whether it is an adulterous relationship or abuse of a child, violates this relationship of trust.

“We thought it could never happen in our church.”

Resources for churches responding to clergy sexual misconduct

First Steps for Churches
Guide for church reporting
Ministry to the victim and the church
Minister to the offender’s family

“Is my child safe at church?”

Resources for parents to prevent sexual abuse of your child

“I want to maintain the highest standards in my relationships.”

Resources to help ministers avoid inappropriate and illegal sexual activities

Reporting requirements
Protecting the clergy marriage
A covenant of clergy ethics
Internet Filters for Church Computers
Establishing practical safeguards for counseling

“May it never be!”

Resources for churches working together to stop clergy sexual misconduct

10 Questions for your church
Let the Little Children Come to Me
Creating a child protection policy

      (see a sample)

Reporting requirements
Internet Filters for church computers
Registered sex offender accountability covenant

Resources for Search Committees

Background Investigations when hiring
Employment Agreement
Sample screening questionnaires
Request for Information from BGCT on a particular candidate
Baptist Ministers Convicted of Sexual Offenses in Texas