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The material provided in this document is intended solely as a guide. It is a summary of materials written about the search committee process and based on experiences and insights gained from church search committees which have been through the process in the past.  Each church is responsible for its own procedures under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

You are free to copy this material for the use of your committee. Permission is not given, however, to reproduce any portion of this guidebook for sale.

Minister Search Committee Reference Guide

Comite de busqueda de Ministro Guia de Referencia

When a Church Seeks New Staff (ppt)

Search Committee Helps for Initial Planning – Sample Documents

  1. Church Self-Study
  2. Muestra de Auto-Estudio de Iglesia
  3. Minister Search Committee Questionnaire (for Church Survey)
  4. Muestra de cuestionario del comité – ministro
  5. Pastor Search Committee Questionnaire (for Church Survey)
  6. Muestro de cuestionario del comité – Pastor
  7. Compensation Worksheet for Personnel Costs
  8. Muestra de Hoja de Trabajo Para Los Gastos del Personal
  9. Church/Minister Compensation Agreement
  10. Muestra Church/Minister Compensation-Agreement
  11. Legal Considerations for the Church
  12. Muestra de Consideraciones Legales para
    la Iglesia
  13. Minister Search Committee Expenses
  14. Muestra de Costos del comité de búsqueda del Ministro
  15. Code of Ethics/Covenant for Minister Search Committee Members
  16. Muestra de Código de Éticas/Convenio
  17. Comparison of 3 BF&Ms: 1925, 1963, 2000
  18. 1963/2000 BF&M Comparison and Commentary
  19. Minister Profile
  20. Muestra de Perfil del Ministro

Search Committee Helps During Search Process – Sample Documents

  1. Personal References Permission Form
  2. Permiso de Contactar Referencias Personales
  3. Personal Reference Information Form
  4. Muestra de Formulario de Información de Referencia Personal…
  5. Background Check Authorization
  6. Autorización de investigación de Antecedentes
  7. Employee Background Checks
  8. Comprobación de Antecedentes del Empleado
  9. Questions Search Committee Should Be Ready to Answer
  10. Muestra de preguntas que el Comité de Búsqueda debe estar listos de contestar
  11. Pastor Sermon Evaluation Form
  12. Muestra del Formulario de Evaluación del Sermon del Pastor
  13. Questions Search Committee Might Ask Prospect

      • Initial Phone Conversation (p 1)
      • First Face-to-Face Meeting with Candidate (p 2)
      • Second Face-to-Face Meeting with Candidate (p 3)


  14. Muestra de preguntas que el Comité de Búsqueda pueda hacer al candidato
  15. Pastor/Church Covenant
  16. Muestra de un Convenio entre pastor y la Iglesia Bautista
  17. Pastor/Minister Covenant
  18. Muestra de un Convenio entre un ministro y la Iglesia Bautista

Sample Letters

  1. Acknowledgement of Resume Received
  2. Muestra de Carta – Reconocimeinto del Resumen Recibido
  3. Initial No Longer Considered
  4. Muestra de Carta – No Consideración
  5. Continued Consideration As a Candidate (includes Reference Contact Permission Form)
  6. Muestra de Carta – Consideración Adicional como Candidato
  7. Second Evaluation – Different Direction at this Time
  8. Muestra de Carta – Segunda evaluatción – Dirección
  9. Letter to References
  10. Muestra de Carta – Referenceias del Candidato
  11. Personal Reference Information Form
  12. Final Notice:  No Longer Considered—Position Filled
  13. Muestra de Carta – Notificación Final – Puesto lleno

Search Committee – One Year Later – Sample Documents

  1. Church Staff Evaluation Form
  2. Muestra de Articulos para incluir en una Evaluación de Iglesia


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