April, 2016 Year to Date (YTD):
Actual BGCT CP $12,412,588 *
YTD Budget $13,584,200
YTD Last Year $13,234,694

YTD Comparison to Budget = 91.4%
YTD Comparison to Last Year = -6.2%

* Some gifts are still being sent to our old post office box number. As a result we are experiencing trouble receiving and processing some CP gifts in a timely manner. Please be sure to use our new and current address:

Texas Baptists
7557 Rambler Road
Suite 1100
Dallas, TX 75231-2310

Church Giving Report

The Church Giving Report represents giving through the BGCT. For questions about the giving report contact Jim Reed in Finance & Accounting at or 214-828-5334.

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The business and financial plan of the BGCT calls for the proposed budget to be prepared by the staff, reviewed and approved by the Executive Board, and finally approved by the messengers to the Annual Meeting. Preparing the proposed budget involves months of prayer, projections, research and planning to arrive at the resource plan for the coming year.