Church Administration

Administrative helps for every stage of church life.

The office of Church Administration exists to help church leaders be faithful stewards of church resources.

David Adams

Director, Church Administration & Special Projects

(214) 828-5253

Brittany Thomas

Ministry Assistant, Communications, Church Administration & Special Projects

(214) 828-5375

Demographics & Statistics

Good decisions are based on good information. Our Decision Support staff is assigned to research, analyze and interpret data retrieved from the BGCT centralized database, Annual Church Profiles, demographic data sets and other information.

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Annual Church Profile

The purpose of the Annual Church Profile (ACP) is to enable your church to examine its progress of ministry and growth. As you cooperatively share this information, associations, state conventions and Baptist agencies are better able to assist your congregation in all areas of church life. Trends can be established and new ways to minister to churches can be researched

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Stewardship assists churches in addressing the principles of Biblical stewardship with the emphasis of achieving the ministry goals and objectives God has placed before you. We assist individuals and congregations to be faithful stewards of God?s resources in the task of Christian stewardship. You will find:

  • Stewardship Consultations
  • Church Budget Consultations
  • Church Stewardship Emphasis
  • Church Stewardship Resources
  • Church Finances
  • Children’s Stewardship Bible Studies
  • Money Management
  • Personal Stewardship
  • Financial Truth

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Church Legal Services

Churches face a variety of issues that are unique to the context of a house of worship. From child safety concerns, to property issues, employment issues, church governance and many other issues, churches are faced with a broad array of legal problems. We are dedicated to helping pastors, church administrators, lay leaders and others learn how to improve the legal health of their church.

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Minister Sexual Misconduct

Churches and individuals trust ministers to provide leadership, guidance, and care during some of the most vulnerable periods of life. Clergy sexual misconduct, whether it is an adulterous relationship or abuse of a child, violates this relationship of trust.

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