The Texas Baptists Missions Team exists to connect, train and mobilize Texas Baptist churches as they fulfill their missions’ call in their Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth.

Josue Valerio

Team Director, Missions

(214) 828-5212

Stacey Rice

Lead Ministry Assistant, Missions

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Texas Baptists bring BSM to Guadalajara University

Home to over 116,000 students, the University of Guadalajara lies in Guadalajara, the state capital of Jalisco, Mexico, which has a mere 1% Christian population.

For over 15 years, the university was without a Baptist ministry presence. In recent years, Texas Baptists, in partnership with the Baptist Convention in Guadalajara has helped develop a Baptist Student Ministry on the campus, in hopes of engaging college students with the Gospel.

College students are open to question and wonder, said Director of Texas Baptists River... [continue]

Urban Missions

Urban Missions connects churches to their communities through missional training, consulting, coaching and commissioning.

Learn more about Urban Missions.

Multi-Housing & House Congregations

Multi-housing and house congregations are a new way to reach the unreached. These churches meet in homes, workplaces or where ever necessary to help fulfill the Great Commission.

Learn more about Multi-Housing & House Congregations.

River Ministry

River Ministry connects and assigns churches to specific projects along the Texas/Mexico border as well as the top 10 most populated cities of Mexico. We also provide training for missions groups and leadership conferences.

Learn more about River Ministry.

Volunteer Missions

Short-term volunteer mission trips might only last a few weeks, but they can impact your life and the lives of those you serve for a lifetime. Make a difference by using your time and talent in volunteer missionary service.

Learn more about Volunteer Missions.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is dedicated to helping communities rebuild after disasters. We work with disaster survivors throughout the long-term restoration process.

Learn more about Disaster Recovery.


BOUNCE is an opportunity for students who have a desire to serve. Our student disaster recovery ministry gives students the opportunity to affect impacted areas and be the hands and feet of Christ.

Learn more about BOUNCE.

Minister of Missions Program

This program elevates missions to the level and to helps local congregations, BSMs, institutions and associations hire a Minister of Missions. We believe a Minister of Missions primary responsibility is to help the congregation practice missions in an on-going lifestyle. For more information on this program or to request an application, please contact Josue Valerio.

Mission-shaped Leadership Training

The development of mission-shaped leaders focuses on the Word of God, spiritual disciplines, missional and congregational practices. The areas of training are Forming Character, Forming Congregations, Forming Organizational Systems and Forming Missional Experiments. If you are interested in more information about this training or in participating, please contact Josue Valerio.

Giving Opportunities

  • Feeding Centers – Donate Now
  • A ministry to families who live in poverty and unemployment, as well as victims of violence, reaching out to families along the border and in Mexico.
  • Pepe Project – Donate Now
  • A faith-based education program for preschoolers who live in extreme poverty and don’t have access to education.
  • Multi-housing – Donate Now
  • A ministry about being Christ’s Hands among groups that are primarily low-income, living at the margins of society and wrestling with broken lives.
  • Bible Distribution – Donate Now
  • Many churches around the world are in need of Bibles. Your contribution will help meet this need.
  • Refugee Relief – Donate Now
  • Syrian refugees fleeing to other countries, specifically Lebanon, face a harsh winter. Arriving with little money and few possessions, winter weather makes a bad situation even worse.