BOUNCE Student Disaster Recovery offers students the opportunity to assist communities in their efforts to BOUNCE back from devastation after disaster has struck. Participants engage in disaster recovery projects, times of worship and reflection designed to help them encounter and respond to God.

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David Scott

Director, Disaster Recovery, Bounce

(214) 828-5123

2018 Dates & Locations

In light of the unprecedented disaster caused by Hurricane Harvey, BOUNCE has revised our 2018 ministry schedule to assist the Texas Gulf Coast in recovery efforts. 


Spring Break

  • Mission 1: March 7-10 in Houston, TX - Completed
  • Mission 2: March 11-14 in Houston, TX - Completed
  • Mission 3: March 14-17 in Houston, TX - Completed


  • Mission 1:  June 11-16, Nederland/Port Arthur, TX Area
  • Mission 2:  June 18-23, Houston, TX Area
  • Mission 3:  June 25-30, Houston, TX Area (at capacity, please call for waiting list)
  • Mission 4:  July 9-14, Victoria, TX Area (at capacity, please call for waiting list)
  • Mission 5:  July 16-21, Corpus Christi/Rockport, TX Area (at capacity, please call for waiting list)

Collegiate BOUNCE - Suspended

  • May 21-26, Nederland/Port Arthur, TX - SUSPENDED - Call BOUNCE for additional information

PLEASE NOTE: BOUNCE is committed to serving Harvey affected areas in 2018. Details on specific locations will be forthcoming as ministry sites are secured.

BOUNCE Student Disaster Recovery is a Great Option for Your Church

Who is responsible for the student ministry at your church? Whether it's a full or part-time youth minister or a group of volunteers, BOUNCE Student Disaster Recovery can help mobilize your students to be on mission. Students have a desire to make a difference in the world and BOUNCE provides them an opportunity to do just that through long-term disaster recovery and home rehabilitation projects.

Here are some reasons to consider BOUNCE for your students.

Pre-packaged Approach

No time to plan a mission trip? No worries. BOUNCE takes care of all the details. You don't have to concern yourselves with lodging, food, ministry projects, or materials. BOUNCE handles all your logistics and frees you up to minister along-side students.

Challenging Work

Students will serve communities through a variety of ministry projects. Work may include, but is not limited to debris removal & clean-up, construction rehabilitation, and other ministry projects that will assist and encourage members of the affected community.

Inspiring Worship

Although the heart of BOUNCE is mission service, there is also an opportunity for students to encounter and respond to God through evening times of worship and reflection.

A Kingdom Approach to Service

Students and adults will meet new friends from other churches as they partner to serve communities for Christ. Your students and adults are combined with participants from other churches to form ministry teams. At least two participants from your group are placed on a team to minister with participants from other churches for the week.

Any Size Group Can Participate

Whether you want to bring three participants or 30, BOUNCE can accommodate your group and provide you with a significant hands-on mission experience.

No Construction Experience Required

Although helpful, your group doesn't need construction experience. BOUNCE has experienced construction personnel to lead and supervise ministry teams. If your church has experienced construction volunteers, let us know. We may want to enlist them to serve as a ministry team leader.

Spring Break and Summer Options

There are Spring Break “express" missions that provide your students with two days of mission service, thereby leaving you a few days for spring break rest and recreation. During the summer months BOUNCE offer five day missions.

A Value Price

The BOUNCE pre-packaged approach to missions includes lodging in an area school or church, meals, mission preparation materials, on-site supplies, supplemental insurance, mission coordinating team, staff, and worship team and a BOUNCE t-shirt. All this for $279.00 per person for summer missions. Spring Break missions are priced at $140.00.

Life Change

Most students head home after BOUNCE with a greater love for missions and ministry. They leave with a desire to serve their communities and to do great things. Some will return home with a clarified call to ministry. BOUNCE knows that communities will be different as a result of the ministry we perform, however, it also excites us to know that student lives are changed as well.

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Bouncers are Challenged to be Witnesses for Christ

Randy Beggs, the Worship Speaker, has been leading students through Acts. Beggs has been focusing challenging Bouncers to rethink what it means to be a witness for Christ. On Tuesday evening, Beggs explained to Bouncers that being a witness for Christ can be awkward, because the world’s purposes are different than Christ’s purposes. On Thursday evening Beggs challenged students to be a witness for Christ anytime, anywhere and to anyone...

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