My name is Thomas Centrella and I currently serve as a Campus Missionary at the Baptist Student Ministry at the University of Texas Pan-American. I am originally from New Jersey and have lived in Texas for the last 5 years. I love to play guitar and lead worship wherever the Lord leads me.

Since the age of 14 I have felt a calling on my life to serve in missions. When I moved to Texas 5 years ago, I had the opportunity to work at the Post Office or serve at BSM by an invitation by my director Robert Rueda. I prayed about it for a short time, as I already knew that God was calling me to missions. I never expected to work with college students but it has been a huge blessing to my life and I have grown tremendously. God has confirmed my calling numerous times through numerous people and has provided financially always.

It is not only important for Christians to be involved in ministry, it is essential. You cannot be a growing Christian and not be connected to some kind of ministry in some way. Christ calls all of us to serve in ministry, whether it is at the workplace or in a full-time position such as mine. Through ministry people are reached for the kingdom of God.

People can get involved with my ministry through prayer. I believe in prayer and I make time every day to walk and be in prayer. Without prayer I am useless. Also, financial support is always important. Each semester I need to raise some additional funds as prices increase for various things and support does not always come in. I love what I do and I will be serving the Lord here until he calls me to my next mission.

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