The Center for Ministerial Excellence is funded by generous grant funds from the Lilly Endowment, Inc. The Center is dedicated to identifying and addressing economic challenges facing pastors and developing financial literacy among ministerial and church leaders.


Administer the Ministerial Excellence Grant: The Center will manage the Ministerial Excellence Grant Fund which will be used to award grants up to $5,000 to pastors to provide financial relief and economic stability.This is a matching grant. 

To complete the initial application online, please click below.

 initial Application

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Phone:  214.828.5136

Conduct Regional Financial Retreats: The Center will conduct one-day Regional Financial Retreats throughout the year for pastors and church leaders to help increase their knowledge of church finances and understand the theology of stewardship. Sessions on family budgeting and personal money management will also be available for pastors. 

Develop a Statewide Network of Financial Planners:
The Center will also work with churches and other stakeholders to develop a statewide network of financial planners for Texas Baptist pastors to see at no cost to help them work through their financial challenges. 

Research and Gather Data:
With data gathering and research, the Center will work with pastors and churches to address issues that impact the effectiveness of their ministries.


  • 90% of pastors feel some level of financial stress in their family and church work. 
  • 76% of pastors know others who left the ministry due to financial pressures. 
  • 31% of pastors work a second job to help make ends meet. 
  • Around 60% of pastors do not receive health insurance or retirement funds from their church. 
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