Texas Baptists Cooperative Program

The Cooperative Program, or CP, at its core is a cooperative way of financially supporting missions both locally and globally. It is a way of combining resources to enable more missions, evangelism and ministry to those in need and those who have yet to hear the gospel.

2016 Annual Report

See where the Cooperative Program went in 2016. The generous giving of Texas Baptists Churches continues to impact lives in Texas and around the world. 


Free Cooperative Program Resource

52 Sundays is a quick and easy-to-use resource to encourage a year of prayer and giving for CP missionaries and ministries.



The Cooperative Program Explained

Working through a missions co-op allows people to pool their resources and talents to feed more hungry people, start more churches, fund more missionaries, reach more people in prisons, clothe more needy and share the hope of Christ with more people who so desperately need to hear it.

It's more than just financial. Through a missions co-op not only are financial gifts combined to do more but so are mission trips that help us be the hands and feet of Christ while sharing His love. When the 2 million Texas Baptists work together, more people are touched and the duplication of efforts is decreased, enabling more cooperative missions around the state, nation and world. Furthermore, by focusing on key locations, entire areas can be reached through constant relationship building and mission work.

It is doing missions cooperatively to reach more people with Christ's message of hope.

You give a percentage of your income to your church. Your church gives a percentage of its budget through the BGCT Cooperative Program. This money is combined with money from the other 5,600 churches cooperating with the BGCT and funds the missions, evangelism and ministry efforts approved annually by the convention.

Each church must choose how the money it gives through the Cooperative Program will be designated. The BGCT adopted budget calls for a 79% / 21% breakdown. This means that 79% of the money your church gives stays at work in Texas and 21% goes to the international missions partner of your choice ( SBC, BGCT). However, your church can choose whichever percentage breakdown God is leading you to give.

Where it goes

In short, it goes to missions, evangelism and ministry.

In long, it goes to a myriad of missions, evangelism and ministry projects that are compiled into an annual budget and then approved by the Executive Board and then the Convention as a whole.

Click here to see a few of the things accomplished through the Cooperative Program.

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