JULY 8 - 11, 2019
First Baptist Church Woodway | 101 N. Ritchie Rd. | Woodway TX, 76712

A multifaceted training event introducing ministry resources provided by Texas Baptists in a unique, encouraging and enriching context to the African American Church.

Honoring the first seven presidents of the African American Fellowship of Texas Baptists

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Rev. Dr. Breonus M. Mitchell
Mount Gilead Missionary Baptist Church
Nashville, TN

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Dr. Patrick Bradley
Westside Baptist Church
Lewisville, TX

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Michael A. Evans, Sr.
President, Texas Baptists

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  • Being Bivocational Can Be a Benefit
    Ira Antoine (Tuesday, 8:30 & 9:45)
  • The Triumphs of Teamwork
    Michael Bell 
  • Mistakes Successful Pastors Don’t Repeat
    Michael Bell 
  • Can You Hear Me Now?
    Michael Bell
  • Pastoral Preaching to the De-Churched
    Samuel Doyle
  • See Something, Say Something: Recognizing and Reporting Abuse
    Katie Swafford (Wednesday Only)
  • Fight the Fear: Learning to Love Our Muslim Neighbors
    Cross-Cultural Mobilizer
  • Understanding Millennials & Generation Z
    Nigel Robinson (Tuesday Only)
  • Learn to Speak Your Spouse’s Love Language
    Andre & Barbara Punch (Tuesday all three sessions)
  • Succeed in Matching Your Vision with Your Resources: Church Architecture Solutions
    Keith Crouch (Tuesday 9:45)
  • Succeed with The Six A’s of Bible Study Space: Church Architecture Solutions
    Keith Crouch (Tuesday 11:00)
  • Political Disciple: Stewarding our Public Witness in the Age of Tribalism
    Kathryn Freeman (Tuesday 10:30)
  • Remember the Prisoner: Criminal Justice Reform and the Church
    Kathryn Freeman (Wednesday 10:30)
  • Identifying Myself in the Community
    Mateo Rendon
  • Resilience with Overcoming Trauma
    Cheryl Duncan (Tuesday Only)
  • Understanding Culture Through the Six Cultural Lenses
    Patty Lane (Tuesday 11:00)
  • Small Strong Congregation
    Billy Bell (Thursday Only)
  • Becoming a “Prayer Saturated Church”
    Louis Rosenthal (Tuesday – all three sessions)
  • Effective Outreach Resources
    Jamie Russell, Sr.
  • Intentional Discipleship in the Church Starting Venture
    Gary Patterson/Henry Batson
  • Intentional Vision and Strategy in the Church Starting Venture
    Gary Patterson/Henry Batson
  • Intentional Leader Development in the Church Starting Venture
    Gary Patterson/Henry Batson
  • Church Administration
    Joseph Fields 
  • Violence Intervention Training for Places of Worship
    Don Simmons 
  • The Real Wonder Woman
    Mary K. Johnson
  • CHAIN REACTION: Disciples Making Disciples
    Ambra Jackson & Bertha Vaughns
  • Conference Choir Rehearsal
    Patrick Bradley (Wednesday 11:00-12:00) (Thursday 10:15-11:15)
  • Vocal Health
    Chad Lott (Wednesday – 9:45 – 10:45)
  • Knowing Your Staff Insurance Options & Going Beyond Retirement Investment
    Keith Williams, Jr.
  • Taking Your Social Media Content to the Next Level
    Brandi Jones
  • Who’s Your One? *4XFOUR Evangelism Strategy
    Oza Jones
  • Failure to Launch: 7 Reasons My Church Plant Didn't Work
    Anthony Cobbs 
  • Seven Strategies from the Fastest Growing Churches
    Phil Miller 
  • Ushering with a Mission
    Victor Davis 
  • Foster Care 101 for Churches
    David Ummel

*Take the 4xFour Challenge was authored by Greg Wallace (gregwallaceministries.org).


Sharron Bradley
(214) 828-5131
Roy Cotton
(214) 828-5130