Richard Reedy

Richard Reedy spent much of his working life as a long-haul trucker. He plans to spend the rest of his life as a volunteer chaplain. After Richard completed Texas Baptists' “Hands on Ministry" training, he was “on fire" to use what he had learned in real life settings. As a result, he has engaged in a visitation ministry for his church, calling primarily on people who are permanently homebound, or who have temporary health issues. He also visits hospital patients and those in nursing homes and other care facilities.

Richard is a native of Virginia, but spent much of his life in New Orleans, Louisiana before settling in Texas with his wife (who died a few years ago) and children. “At my age, I was pretty much wallowing in grief after losing my wife," he said, “but after taking the 'Hands on Ministry' training I realized God has a purpose for me…and that purpose is to spiritually serve others. In all my adult years of working, I never dreamed about the possibility of being a volunteer chaplain. But, being able to serve Christ in this way has rejuvenated me, and given my life purpose. I pray that I can serve Christ in this way until He calls me home."

Richard's background includes service in the Army, as a police officer and EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). He currently serves as a chaplain at a Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post, and makes himself available to help with funerals of veterans and others.

Steve Boggs

Steve Boggs, a native of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, grew up wanting to be both a policeman and fireman, ambitions he fulfilled over the years. But, early on he did not know that his career path would also lead him to become a volunteer chaplain. Steve, who completed Texas Baptists' “Hands on Ministry" class for chaplaincy, did his schooling in Texas, where he worked for a sheriff's office for a couple of years. For 37 years he was a computer systems programmer; more than 16 of those years with Phillips Petroleum, six years for Halliburton, and 16 years for Sterling Commerce in Irving Texas.

He and his wife, Linda, live near Granbury, Texas, where he is captain of engineers for the community's volunteer fire department, responsible for maintaining the station's trucks and electronic equipment. He drives and operates a fire truck to emergency calls, both brush trucks and engines. The department has three of each. “Serving God as a volunteer chaplain is at the top of my list of priorities," Steve said. “I've served as a chaplain for our fire department since 2008, but the chaplaincy training received through Texas Baptists' has given me even greater insight and perspective on my role in the lives of our volunteers as both a counselor and chaplain. It was well worth the time I invested in the training." Every Thursday Steve ministers to inmates at the Hood County (Texas) jail with a team called “Isaiah 61."

Tommy Conn

Volunteer Chaplain, Tommy Conn, is also a welder who lives in Weatherford. Tommy and his wife, Krissi, are both HOM Volunteer Chaplains. After completing his HOM training, Tommy plans to pursue the ministry through college courses while serving his local hospital as a Volunteer Chaplain in Weatherford.

Cindy Ritchie

Hands on Ministry, Volunteer Chaplain Cindy Ritchie is from Granbury. Cindy accepted Christ as a child. On July 4, 2014, she was involved in a near fatal bike accident, which detached her leg. An Arlington Police Officer rushing to the scene immediately applied pressure to her injury, ultimately saving her life. John Peter Smith Hospital reattached her leg and today she walks, rides her bike and enjoys a full life. She is forever grateful to the police officer who “made the difference" in God's perfect timing. Since her accident she has rededicated her life to Christ and plans to serve as a Volunteer Chaplain in the jail ministry.